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ASUS SABERTOOTH X58: I look for info about RAID

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by st.luck, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. st.luck

    st.luck Guest

    Hi, I have a PC with ASUS SABERTOOTH X58 and inside there are 3 hard
    drives C, D and E. In C there is OS Windos 7, D has RAID0 (2 hard
    disk) and E has RAID0 (2 hard disk). I am an inexperienced man about
    RAID. With my PC I make video editing.
    In E I put files for video editing but this hard drive gives me many
    problems. I like to remove the RAID. I have just gone into BIOS but I
    am afraid to get into trouble. Can you tell me what have I to do for
    removing RAID in E hard drive?
    st.luck, Apr 5, 2012
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  2. st.luck

    Paul Guest

    You are in the wrong newsgroup to start. You want the Asus motherboard group.


    Sabertooth has three controllers.

    1) Intel ICH10R - supports RAID, 6 ports total
    2) Marvel 88SE9128 - supports RAID (EZbackup = RAID1, SuperSpeed = RAID0), 2 ports
    3) Jmicron JMB362 - 2 ESATA ports (may support RAID, not sure)

    You have two RAID0 arrays. If you turn off the RAID function,
    the data can no longer be read from the drives. Each drive in
    a pair, has half the data, and cannot work without the other
    drive being present.

    That means, your first step, is to do a backup, like this.

    E1:E2 RAID 0 -----> external drive big enough to hold all the contents

    You do the backup operation, before doing any other step!

    Once the files are safely stored on the external drive, then you can
    go into the BIOS (or use the RAID management panel in Windows) and
    do a "Delete Array" for E1:E2. Then, the drives should become independent
    of one another. And, they should be empty.

    Now, you can copy the files from the external (backup) drive, back onto E1 and
    E2. When you "delete array", E1 and E2 should appear empty. Now, in
    Windows, you can use Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc entered in Start),
    to put new partitions on E1 and E2. Since the external drive is
    larger than E1 or E2, you can copy half of the files to E1 and
    half of the files to E2. If your RAID 0 array really wasn't full
    in the first place, but only had a small percentage of fullness,
    then all the files might fit onto E1 by itself.

    Half of the contents of external drive --> E1 as separate disk
    Half of the contents of external drive --> E2 as separate disk

    I cannot find enough information, either in the Sabertooth X58 user
    manual, or on the web, to give you step by step instructions. The
    manual shows how to use the Intel RAID panel, but the user manual
    does not show anything about JMicron or Marvell. While "Delete Array"
    may be the option in the Intel interface, the JMicron and Marvell
    may use different terminology for breaking the RAID array.

    Paul, Apr 6, 2012
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  3. st.luck

    st.luck Guest

    Once the files are safely stored on the external drive, then you can
    I thank you for your esaustive answer but I don't understand the right
    page in BIOS for deleting ARRAY. IN BIOS I don't see that page you
    tell me.
    st.luck, Apr 6, 2012
  4. st.luck

    Paul Guest

    You still haven't said whether the E: array is connected to
    Intel ports or not. The following answer, assumes the E:
    RAID 0 array is connected to the Intel SATA ports.

    In the Sagertooth motherboard manual, see section 4.4.4
    "Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM Utility"

    Press <ctrl>-I, which means to press and hold the
    Control key, while tapping the I key once. You should
    then see a dialog like this in the BIOS. This is copied
    from the manual.


    The manual says, when you select item 2 "Delete RAID Volume",
    then a new dialog will appear, and you select the array to be
    deleted there. Be careful to select the correct two disks!


    There are two options in that dialog, one says "Reset" and the
    other says "Delete". You try "Delete" first, and if it doesn't
    work, you try the "Reset" option. They're not defined in the
    manuals I downloaded, but I did find a website with the
    appropriate instructions.


    "12.2 Delete RAID Volume

    When a RAID volume is deleted, RAID metadata on the participating
    disks is erased and sector zero is cleared, that is partition
    table and file system related data are reset. Windows installer
    will not see any invalid data at the time of OS installation. This
    is the recommended method for reconfiguring the RAID volume and
    installing OS on it.

    12.1 Reset Disk to Non-RAID

    This option is used to reset the metadata on the disk which
    participates in more than one RAID volume in single operation.
    It should be used if 'Delete RAID Volume' option fails for any
    reason and to reset a disk that has been marked as Spare and
    offline member. When a disk in the RAID volume is reset to
    non-RAID, RAID metadata is erased. However, partition table and
    file system related data still exists, which may be invalid. This
    might cause Windows installer to misinterpret the information
    available on the 'reset disk' at the time of installation. This
    could result in unexpected behavior in OS installation."

    Paul, Apr 6, 2012
  5. st.luck

    st.luck Guest

    Paul, you are very kind to answer with this detailed reply. I will
    read it with attention but now I have solve a different problem.
    Accidentally now my BIOS has gone into default and its fans now make a
    dull noise. In BIOS I don't see the possibility to lower that noise. I
    don't see Power Management of the fans. Do you know if there is it?
    How can I solve my problem?
    Thanks a lot.
    st.luck, Apr 6, 2012
  6. st.luck

    st.luck Guest

    Opsss ..... I have just solved my problem about fan noise. In BIOS I
    have enabled the Option Normal about CPU fans.
    st.luck, Apr 6, 2012
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