ASUS T2P4 108 MHz PLL setting

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Randall Flagg, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. I have my K6-III+ 500 running at 6x 83.3 on my good old T2P4. I remembered
    that there was although a setting for 108 MhZ which would result in
    6x108=648 MHz or 5.5x108=595 MHz. Problem was the FSB (=1/2 bus clock)
    getting to high. So I checked the datasheet for the PhaseLink PLL52C61-01
    and found out that if the PCI signal on the PLL is set to low state the PCI
    bus is running at fix 32 MHz. This is the case for all frequency selections.

    The 108 MHz mode is listed as "test" - whatever this means. I think its the
    speed of the internal PLL itself? I wonder if the 108 MHz setting will work
    with PCI pin set to low signal (any idea how to do this?). Any comments on

    Randall Flagg, Mar 6, 2005
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