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Asus V9520/Magic card

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Mario Kadastik, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    well I have done some investigation and it seems the Asus V9520/Magic
    card is 128bit card with memory clock 333MHz. I think asus did that
    because they wanted a quiet card (no fan installed). When I OC-d to
    normal FX5200 clock 405MHz the card is still 100% stable and my scores
    and benchmarks look a lot more like a normal FX5200. I even OC-d to
    275/425 and it's still stable. I got 3dmark03 score 1132 and my ut2003
    benchmark with 1024x768 at antalus flyby is 66 fps and that's according
    to Tom's hardware tests almost at FX5200Ultra levels.

    The only thing that is still odd is single texture fill rate that is
    about 50% of normal value while multi texture one is quite compairable
    with others having the same card.

    hence I'm quite satisfied with the card now (no more complainig) and
    won't upgrade it to FX5600 now. I'll wait until real DX9 games come out
    and then look at my upgrade possibilities (maybe FX5600Ultra ur FX5800
    by then ;)

    So I quit complaining and say that V9520/Magic is quite good considering
    price/performance for now as UT2003 for example is playable at around
    30-40 fps at 1280x1024 with all the bells and whistles on.


    Mario Kadastik, Jul 26, 2003
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  2. Mario Kadastik

    Aussie Guest

    U better do it now by then it could be too late and could forced in to
    forking out more ..My Winfast 5200 (with 1550 3D mark) decorating my book
    shelf...Pretty box with piece of shit inside :))))
    Aussie, Jul 27, 2003
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  3. Hello,

    why should I upgrade now and pay around $300 when I can wait another 6
    months and most likely buy the same card for around $100.

    I don't see any requirement for upgrading now as I'm playing UT2003 at
    66fps with all settings at max (1024x768x32). And I don't see any need
    to go to higher resos.

    So explain me why should I upgrade when there is nothing that could show
    me the difference yet ? I don't spend $300 just to brag around of having
    the latest card ;)

    Mario Kadastik, Jul 27, 2003
  4. Mario Kadastik

    nobodaddy Guest


    I have just bought an Asus V9520 off ebay (haven't got it yet) and I am
    (temporarily, out of desparation) planning to use it with my old Abit SL6
    mobo until I get my next pay cheque.
    This board supports AGP 4x (agp 2.0 I think?) and I understand the V9520 is
    backwards compatible with 2x and 4x right? Do you think I will be faced
    with any voltage issues - i.e what is the voltage required by the Asus card?
    I have heard some new cards only support 1.5V in which case I'm screwed I
    reckon. Is it 3.3 or can you adjust it? (excuse my stupidity)

    nobodaddy, Jul 28, 2003
  5. Well I'm using it at 4x AGP and can't find any indication on what
    voltage the card uses. But I guess that when it can run at 8x/4x/2x then
    it's compatible with higher voltages as some cards are only agp 8x/4x
    compatible and those should be the 1.5V cards. That's all just my
    opinion of the stuff I found on Asus website.

    If it helps I'm having Asus A7V333 mobo that uses VIA KT333 chipset.
    That might give you the voltage that I don't find currently...


    PS! The first time you fire the card up don't be too disappointed by the
    benchmark results. Asus has underclocked the card because of the card
    missing a cooler (in case you use Magic not TD or video suite). Hence by
    using coolbits and overclocking to normal rates (normal is 250/405)
    you'll get a lot better results (ca 11 fps+ in UT2003 antalus flyby,
    more than 200 3dmarks03 increase). But I could overclock it to a stable
    280/433 without problems and my case isn't cooled by todays standards ;)
    It has I think only 2 vents and the case side down. I also have a lot of
    card and stuff producing heat so I'd say if you have any cooling at all
    then OC-g to that clocks would be quite easy).

    PPS! I'm using 44.71 drivers from ASUS website and they haven't given me
    any problems. The SmartDoctor from Asus is a load of BS as with the
    magic card it only supports overclocking and that to a maximum of
    263/363 ... So use coolbits.
    Mario Kadastik, Jul 29, 2003
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