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Asus V9999 Ultra 'buyer beware'

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Bob Bobsen, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Bob Bobsen

    Bob Bobsen Guest

    Hi all,
    6800 Ultra, yes, Asus... No. I own a Asus V9999 ultra and had to void
    my warranty to flash the BIOs to correct a problem Asus won't even
    acknowledge. There is a problem with the 2D/3D settings in which the
    core is speed is set to 400 when it should be 425 (same as the 2D
    setting), this has caused me days, and weeks of headaches with games
    'freezing' for no reason...
    Asus used to have a forum in which you could 'sound out' problems but
    it has been' temporarily' closed for the last three months!
    I finally had to flash my bios (Asus claims there isn't even a
    flashable bios on board) and now all runs at it should....
    I had always bought Asus before....
    Bob Bobsen, Nov 29, 2004
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  2. Bob Bobsen

    rjag Guest

    heard of similar problems with these cards all meaning that they had to be
    flashed to make them stable.
    ASUS get the finger out boys! If all the other manufacturers can do it why
    can you?

    rjag, Nov 29, 2004
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  3. Bob Bobsen

    dvus Guest

    AFAIK, the Asus V9999 is a plain vanilla GeForce 6800 with DDR3 memory on
    board and is highly overclockable. I had terrible problems with mine that
    seemed to just cure themselves after a few driver changes and physical
    re-insertions, but I also had added dual-channel memory at the same time so
    it could have been memory related.

    I can say that using Driver Cleaner and then Asus proprietary drivers
    (thanks to advice given in here) seems to produce the best results.

    dvus, Nov 29, 2004
  4. Bob Bobsen

    Bob Bobsen Guest

    Hi all,
    I tried all of that and short of sacrificing small animals NOTHING
    short of the BIOS flashing helped. I many different drivers and still
    experienced the lock up problems.. My biggest complaint is that for
    the amount of cash this card cost and the TOTAL lack of support on
    ASUS's side, I had to (albeit with help from a friendly guru) fix it
    This problem is well known and yet ASUS does nothing. No support what
    so ever.
    Bob Bobsen, Nov 29, 2004
  5. Bob Bobsen

    Ed Light Guest

    Asus does tend to ignore problems, don't they? I can't get an answer on
    whether they will fix the bad sensor readings on my a7v880, which other
    users have too.

    Ed Light

    Smiley :-/
    MS Smiley :-\

    Send spam to the FTC at

    Thanks, robots.
    Ed Light, Nov 30, 2004
  6. Bob Bobsen

    Vigil Guest

    It's not just an Asus problem. It's happening with other cards, too. See
    this thread:


    My Leadtek is freezing as well. I've tried everything but flashing with
    another brand's BIOS. If that doesn't work, I'll have to replace it with
    an ATI card. Another fecking £300 and I won't buy Nvidia again.
    Vigil, Nov 30, 2004
  7. Bob Bobsen

    CapFusion Guest

    Is this problem on a Windows XP and recently install SP2?
    Try disable the FireWall from Control Panel and restart Windows.

    CapFusion, Nov 30, 2004
  8. Bob Bobsen

    Vigil Guest

    Yes it is, but the firewall service isn't even running.
    Vigil, Dec 1, 2004
  9. Bob Bobsen

    CapFusion Guest

    Eventhough you stated the service is not running, can you check in Control
    Panel for Firewall and see if it *ON* or *Off* ?

    CapFusion, Dec 1, 2004
  10. Bob Bobsen

    Vigil Guest

    Yeah it is off. I'm going to try geting ANOTHER power supply with a higher
    current on the 12v line. This seems to be fixing some people's 6800

    Cheers for your help.
    Vigil, Dec 1, 2004
  11. Bob Bobsen

    Ed Light Guest

    Ed Light, Dec 2, 2004
  12. Bob Bobsen

    CapFusion Guest

    Please give feedback after PSU upgrade.

    CapFusion, Dec 2, 2004
  13. Bob Bobsen

    Vigil Guest

    The PSU upgrade fixed it. I previously had 18A on the 12v rail. Now I have
    29A IIRC. I can even do without the extra fans and can close my case - and

    The PSU I got is a Tagan TG480-U01. Previous was QTechnology
    Vigil, Dec 8, 2004
  14. Bob Bobsen

    CapFusion Guest

    Thank you for the feedback. Really apprecicated.

    CapFusion, Dec 8, 2004
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