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Asylum BFG brand geForce FX 5900 - good or bad?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Luke Piasecki, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Just wondering if Asylum BFG brand is just as crappy as PNY or almost as
    good as Asus or MSI?

    Sorry about all the questions, just making sure I make a good purchase.

    Kind regards,
    Luke Piasecki, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Luke Piasecki

    ginfest Guest

    Using the BFG 5900 here, it has a "gold"-colored 2 fan HS and some sort of
    blue light fans, bought in July from Best Buy.
    Got it clocked to 475/950 running the 53.03 drivers and no problems here.
    Supposedly BFG offere a"real" lifetime warranty and I have also noticed one
    of the principles of the company posting on a certain web forum, so it seems
    to be one of the better manufacturers to buy from.
    ginfest, Nov 30, 2003
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  3. Luke Piasecki

    Dark Avenger Guest

    I heard others used a drup of "light mechanical oil" like you use on a
    bike, one drop is enough and then let is spin for a few hours...
    Dark Avenger, Nov 30, 2003
  4. Luke Piasecki

    J.Clarke Guest

    If it's "every few hours" then you have a defective or broken fan.
    Generally adding a drop of oil will if it works at all work for several

    If loosening the screws helped then odds are that when tight they were
    deforming the frame of the fan enough that there was contact between the
    fan and frame somewhere--some fiber washers in the right place will
    probably resolve that problem.
    J.Clarke, Nov 30, 2003
  5. Not an acceptable solution. Every few hours cracking the case and
    dropping oil onto a component.
    Harry Edwards, Dec 1, 2003

  6. I have a BFG card and about a week after I started using it the fan
    started to develop a BUZZing sound. The only way I cured it was by
    loosening the screws that held the fan in place. It was a FX5600 AGP with
    video inputs. I asked on here last week if it was possible to replace the
    fan but nobody responded. Maybe I got a lemon - thats my guess.
    Harry Edwards, Dec 1, 2003
  7. Luke Piasecki

    Dark Avenger Guest

    After one time it should be enough :)
    Dark Avenger, Dec 1, 2003
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