athlon 2100 (thoroughbred) works on epox 8k7a+ ?

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Wolf-D. Perl, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Wolf-D. Perl

    Wolf-D. Perl Guest


    i bought an athlon xp 2100+ processor (axda2100dut3c).
    i think it's the one with thoroughbred?!

    i try to get it working in my expox 8k7a+, which works with athlon
    thunderbird 1200 at this moment.

    but when i insert that athlon xp 2100+, it doesn't work.
    i don't get a screen when powering on the pc.

    i have bios version of 29th of may 2002, and added highpoint driver
    2.34 to it.

    has anyone out there a clue how i can get the athlon 2100+ processor
    work on my board?

    regards, wolf
    Wolf-D. Perl, Jan 28, 2004
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  2. Wolf-D. Perl

    Steve K Guest


    Sometimes it's a contact problem with the socket A. Re-seat the cpu several
    times and try again. Apply slight pressure to push the cpu into the socket.
    Steve K, Jan 28, 2004
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  3. Wolf-D. Perl

    Dave R. Guest

    You can also check the board revision. Mine is a 1.1 revision 8K7A (marking
    is between a pair of pci slots) and runs an XP2400+ just fine. the 1.0
    revision may have issues. Epox has a cpu compatability list on the
    information pages for the 8K7A/8K7A+. AMDMB.COM has a forum on Epox
    motherboards that is often very helpful.
    Dave R., Jan 29, 2004
  4. Wolf-D. Perl

    John Guest

    I have a rev 1.0 8K7a+ and have gone from a 1200 to a 2100+. I was careful
    to get a CPU version listed on the AMD compatibility page. I cannot recall
    the precise ident code now, but it was fairly recent and as T'Birds have not
    been available for a while --- it could have been a T'bred. No issues, just
    watch the fsb requency. The speed improvement on mainly business related
    stuff is not exciting.
    John, Jan 29, 2004
  5. Wolf-D. Perl

    Todd Guest

    Officially, AMD rates the 8k7a and a+ compatible with an XP 2200+.

    But mine is running the XP 2400+ with no problems. Even guys (and gals) with revision 1.0
    of the board are able to run the XP 2400+.

    Here's a little jewel for you Wolf:

    It is 34 pages (and growing) of personal user experiences with just what you are doing.
    There are even links to some beta bioses that we are are all having good luck with :)

    Some of the folks are even claiming that they have the 266KHz XP 2600+ running just fine!
    Todd, Jan 29, 2004
  6. Wolf-D. Perl

    Wolf-D. Perl Guest


    thanks very much fot your help.

    i now bought an athlon 2400+ and it work, too.

    the only pro i have is that my bios (2529) says it's an unknown cpu,
    but works with 2000 mhz.

    i read about a betabios from epox with which the cpu maybe is

    the link in the huge forum pages is actually not present, so has
    anyone out there this betabios and perhaps can give me a download
    location for it?

    regards, wolf
    Wolf-D. Perl, Jan 29, 2004
  7. Wolf-D. Perl

    Dave R. Guest

    I can send it to you via email.
    Dave R., Jan 30, 2004
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