Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (939) & Abit AN8 'Fatal1ty': Compatible?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by aether, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. You are not hateful for your beliefs, however wrong they may be.
    You might be hateful for rudeness or sloppy logic.

    If you wish to argue against diversity, go ahead. It's
    refreshing to see [mostly] old white men argue in favor
    of it. You can hardly accuse anyone of self-serving bias!

    But please define your terms well: Forced inclusion
    of an underclass who are deprived of rights isn't
    diversity. It's apartheid, Hutu/Tutsi, slavery, etc.

    Diversity is more properly called Diversity & Inclusiveness.
    It recognizes all as equals in dignity & rights even if not in
    abilities and wealth. It works remarkably to the same extent it
    is thoroughly implemented (US, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland).
    So is peace against historical precedent. That doesn't
    make it undesireable.
    America? It has been about as diverse as Europe,
    and a lot more peaceful.
    Interesting you should say that. Since the Meiji Restoration
    (1856), they've been trying to learn from the West.
    They don't like where they've been.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 9, 2005
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  2. aether

    aether Guest

    Acquisition of Western technologies implies nothing. The UN, and other
    international bodies, have recommended Japan destroy itself as Western
    Europe and America are, but Japan has steadfastly refused. Japan will
    remain Japanese.
    aether, Jul 9, 2005
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  3. Hm, I didn't think the KKK extended that far North .. maybe he's a
    recent immigrant (or maybe my USA geography/politics is as bad as
    his/its European geography/politics?)
    GSV Three Minds in a Can, Jul 9, 2005
  4. It is far more that simply technology. Japan has chosen
    to acquire many business methods and even social norms.
    I don't have any idea of what you are referring to.
    Of course it will. Japan will only be changed by the
    Japanese. The same holds true for most countries.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 9, 2005
  5. aether

    aether Guest

    Wrong. The Jews have long held sway in the West, financially and
    through the media. Hitler and National Socialism was an attempt by
    Europeans to reestablish control over their destiny.

    The Japanese control their own destiny.

    "The television medias that [the Jews] control broadcast into almost
    every home in Britain, all day, every day. BBC television under the
    Jew Alan Yentob broadcasts into almost every home all day, every day.
    Likewise ITV, which is controlled by Carlton Communications plc under
    the Jew Michael Green and by Granada plc under the Jew Steve Morrison,
    each of which broadcasts to regions of 26 million, half of the
    population, or more, all day, every day."

    "In fact, Meyer Amschel Rothschild and his sons virtually invented
    modernized banking and finance. Not only did the powerful Rothschilds
    control banking in Europe from approximately 1815 onward, but they also
    purchased European news outlets -- including the Reuters news agency --
    giving them the power to influence the opinions of millions of
    aether, Jul 9, 2005
  6. You have a very low opinion of the average western citizen.
    Small wonder you advocate totalitairianism. I disagree on both.

    The media tail does not wag the dog. Study Gail Wynand in
    "The Fountainhead".

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 9, 2005
  7. aether

    keith Guest

    Those who have a low opinion of themselves tend to have a low opinion of
    The only one who wants totalitairianism is the totalitarian. The twit has
    delusions of grandeur.
    This seven-year-old couldn't handle Batman.
    keith, Jul 10, 2005
  8. No, but it *does* work in varying degrees. His idol and principal
    henchman, Goebbels, did not distribute free radios to the entire German
    population so they could listen to inspiring music or world news. IIRC the
    message was "Hitler... our man of peace!" It certainly works well in
    suppressive societies but even in modern Europe, the media hysteria
    campaigns on various modern hand-wringing (non-)issues have had a profound

    Even in the U.S. people parrot what they hear from the likes of Dan Rather,
    Mike Wallace[ptui] I mean if *they* say so, it's "gotta be true"

    How do you account for the Muslim hysterical rhetoric? Ever watch an
    evening of prime-time TV in a Muslim dominated culture?
    George Macdonald, Jul 10, 2005
  9. True. The media is not without influence. But IMHO it's
    strictly limited by the perceived importance of the issue.
    The media can easily sway masses when opinions are fluid and
    not considered important. That's how Hollywood stars are sold.

    But on graver matters, the media is nearly powerless.
    (Even less now since they have more trouble burying news.)
    Just like the blue-faced Intel dancers on us.
    Of course, what people consider important varies.
    1) They're hysterical 'cuz they know they're wrong and
    won't be believed any other way. I always equate
    heat with light that just didn't make it.

    2) Only the hysteria gets reported here, 'cuz it sells.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 10, 2005
  10. Sorry but I disagree... strongly. Social engineering driven mostly by a
    new age of bigotry, based on misinfo, downright lies even, disseminated by
    finger-wagging, head-nodding media hacks is having a field day right now,
    IMO. As an example, the Euros are all pissed at us because we didn't sign
    up for the Kyoto fraud. S'funny really because they are in general quite
    cynical about their govts. and their policies, they're no "greener" than we
    are really, yet they swallowed that one hook line 'n' sinker. It's just
    what they heard on "the news".:)
    I'm afraid I see it as a *lot* more sinister than you. The people at the
    top of extremist Islamic activism are very strongly focussed in their
    goals: the takeover of the entire world by Islam and the imposition of
    Shariah on all. I'm sure I've posted this before philosopher of islamic terror.html
    but I find it very convincing and alarming - it's long but worth the read.
    In fact they "know" that they are "right"!

    We need to waken up to this, it *is* a big threat and we've had enough of
    such movements with an "intellectual hero" over the past century. That
    they are able to motivate their rabble to the point of suicide speaks to
    their ability to control their "media".

    The actual results of the "philosophy" are clearly spelled out here:
    All this "harmony" crap which Blair and his cronies are spouting is utter
    BS and he knows it - he lives in "Londonistan"... and Lutonistan is just up
    the road.:)
    George Macdonald, Jul 11, 2005
  11. aether

    aether Guest

    Collectively, Westerners (i.e. Whites) are quite the self-destructive
    aether, Jul 11, 2005
  12. According to the headers, this was a reply to me - you might try to conform
    to Usenet norms and quote at least a piece of the post you are replying to.

    Anyway, I hope you don't think I'm agreeing with you, in particular WRT to
    your "solution". I tend to think the solution to the Islamic extremists is
    going to have to come from within Islam itself... with the support of the
    rest of the world.
    George Macdonald, Jul 12, 2005
  13. Rather obvious today versus 100 years ago.
    No, Europeans have always been greener than Americans
    because they've had to be with their population density.
    Killer fogs and river pollution.
    Every extremist "knows" this. It is their hallmark.
    No, it speaks to desparation and/or careful filtration.
    Extremists might well strive, but it ain't gonna happen.
    Any govt needs at least the tacit cooperation of its subjects.
    Extremists can cause plenty of trouble, but cannot rule.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 12, 2005
  14. I was a good deal more complex and still persists. The Big Lie
    was not "peace". War did not upset the German populace at all.

    The Big Lie was that people are members of a group greater than
    themselves ("Volk"). And they might need to subordinate personal
    desires for the betterment of this group. This subtext was extremely
    well received and absorbed in Europe along with various conformant
    organization and taxation changes. It persists to this day.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 12, 2005
  15. aether

    borolad Guest

    Given your observation on USENET norms, perhaps you, and all the other
    crossposting - off topic posters would like to move your particular
    brand of USENET terrorism to one of the many appropriate discussion

    borolad, Jul 12, 2005
  16. I don't have any numbers on this but I'd figure 80-90% of Americans live in
    an area of population density roughly the same as most Europeans. The fact
    that there are vast swaths of land in the U.S. which are unused/unusable
    doesn't really matter - major conurbations, where most jobs are
    concentrated, seem to reach about the same saturation point.

    It took them ~20years to catch up with us on exhaust emission WRT *real*
    pollutants, like HCs, CO, NOx - the difference was striking until ~10years
    ago. In the meantime, apart from the U.S.'s SUV abberation -- which they
    also have to a lesser extent -- American cars have become much smaller and
    efficient - more on a par with Euro-cars. I really don't see a lot of
    difference in their use of energy or attitude to energy efficiency,
    compared with the U.S. I visit regularly, have lived there and have
    relatives there -- I rarely stay in hotels so am quite well informed -- and
    apart from the same "greener than thou" bigots we have here, everybody
    drives a vehicle which is much bigger than needed for 90% of its usage.
    Hell they all have air-conditioners now, whether needed or not.

    Sorry but that's an old myth.
    I don't believe that those people, at the top of extremist Islam are in any
    way acting overtly cynically here. They really do believe it is their
    destiny to enforce Shariah upon the world... and that their religion's
    dogma demands it.
    It's the "trouble" which is indeed in plenty... and with no apparent
    solution in sight. What do you do with hoards of home-bred young adults
    indoctrinated in the violent overthrow of the regime where you "happily"
    pass your days? Put them in jail for sedition?... treason?... seems to be
    out of fashion right now... if you listen to the U.K political angle over
    the past few days. As I mentioned in another post, the solution would seem
    to have to come from within the Muslim community - now how to motivate
    them? Some profess outrage but but I haven't seen much action, or even
    rhetoric, yet.:)

    Even the U.S. is full of resident Islamic terrorist sympathizers. I don't
    think I'm alone in having two local examples of people who, as it turned
    out, knew that 9/11 was going to happen in the week before?... maybe I *am*
    alone here??? Both were reported to the FBI BTW but no word was received
    back on what transpired from it obviously.... kinda worrying that... that
    they might not have been caught.
    George Macdonald, Jul 12, 2005
  17. On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 00:46:45 GMT, Robert Redelmeier

    Hmm, I thought you'd already replied to this post.
    Not even Dresden, Hanover, Hamburg? Seems like they felt pretty "upset" by
    the end of the proceedings. As for "peace": obviously a nice
    rationalization for man and his dog.
    Well I hear that the mealy-mouthed Luxemburgers voted "yes" but of course
    the French and Dutch both said "NO" - the Brit govt. already knows the
    answer but doesn't want to hear it.:)

    What the politicians haven't digested yet is that the "NO" was a response
    to a bunch of elite, back-scratching, self-regarding thieves in Brussels
    stealing their earnings and then telling them how to live their lives... in
    excruciating detail. I don't think the European identity, nor conformance
    to such, is as ingrained as you seem to think and it is certainly not
    uniquely German inspired - the politicos and their cohorts better get the
    "message" fast or there's going to be a heap of trouble... and not just
    from Muslims.
    George Macdonald, Jul 12, 2005
  18. aether

    Conor Guest

    Err, not by any means.
    Wasn't the best seller in the US a Honda Accord either last year or the
    one before that?
    In the case of the Government of the respective countries, there is.
    The EU ones recognise the problem and are trying to tackle it. G.W.Bush
    says the scientists are wrong and he's not prepared to do anything
    which will cost US businesses money.
    Conor, Jul 12, 2005
  19. Please havea look at some of the fine population denity maps
    indexed by Google images.
    There are similar underpopulated areas of rural France & Spain.
    Not quite. With the exception of Manhattan, European urban
    density is higher.
    Of course! They use far less gasoline per capita (shorter
    distances, higher density and narrow old roads forcing mass
    transit). They also don't have smog traps like the LA basin,
    and where they _do_ use cars, those cars are spread out (rural).
    On a model-by-model basis, sure. The technology is the same.
    But the fleets are vastly different corresponding to different
    transportation uses. It would be surprising if they were the
    same, with 4x the fuel price, narrower roads and difficult
    parking in Europe.
    Huh? GNP/energy is much lower. They routinely heat houses less.

    Yes it does, and I didn't say (or believe) the extremists
    are cynical at all. They believe. All extremists believe.
    Is don't see these hoards in the west, particularly not
    in the US. Sure there are some malcontents. But the vast
    majority of recent immigrants integrate well. There's a _far_
    bigger problem (population bomb) in many Muslim countries.
    There will be serious local unrest, and some will get exported.

    But as for the Islamic extremists, they are _far_ more threatened by
    us than we are by them. And not just militarily. The Disney-esque
    western pop culture is very seductive and presents a real challenge
    especially when modern technology bypasses censorship. Read Neal
    Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon" about McCoy AFB.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 12, 2005
  20. Yes, but I thought of a side thread.
    Certainly. But I was talking about the _start_ of war.
    Sure. But more confirmation of "Volkkeit". People were
    afraid of losing "their group".
    It is not Euro identity but much smaller groups, regional
    or national.
    No, it has been around a while. But the Nazis gave it
    a big boost that was never counteracted/undone because it's
    _far_ too useful a concept to those who wish to govern.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 12, 2005
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