Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (939) & Abit AN8 'Fatal1ty': Compatible?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by aether, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. aether

    Nate Edel Guest

    Wow. Thanks for outing yourself as a nazi apologist. *plonk*
    Nate Edel, Jul 13, 2005
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  2. You again... another self-appointed Usenet policeman? Look... threads
    drift off-topic all the time - it *is* normal. Learn to live with it. You
    have the option to ignore instead of wasting bandwidth with your whinging.
    George Macdonald, Jul 13, 2005
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  3. First you whinge about off-topic now you want to argue - make up your mind.
    What does that mean and where did you assemble the info? Mine is based on
    personal observations.
    It's oscillated between the Camry and Accord over recent years but...
    trucks, which includes SUVs, outsell cars by a long way here and it's
    difficult to determine just how many are for true commercial use.
    The govt., in particular the EU, is being told "NO" and is largely ignored
    anyway. Kyoto is a monumental joke... which started as a fraud.

    There are scientists who are not academic cadgers, who do not depend on
    grants to pay their lavish lifestyles, who do not change measured data to
    fit their lousy models and who are honestly willing to admit they are not
    sure that any observable climate change is significantly man-made... and
    more importantly, that any changes we make in lifestyle will have any
    impact at all. Trouble is: that does not sell seats on the nightly news
    and politicians need something to hang their hat on. WISE UP!
    George Macdonald, Jul 13, 2005
  4. Of course but the "maps" present a poor picture for the purposes at hand.
    There are many cities in the U.S. which match the European provincial
    cities, in terms of inner city dwelling and urban sprawl.
    I don't think the differences are as significant as you believe. Surely
    you're not saying they did not have the same pollution problems from those
    real pollutants. The old narrow roads are barely used and many are not
    significantly narrower on -- we have secondary roads too -- and their super
    highways far exceed what we have in terms of quality and are not noticably
    narrower IME. They are certainly capable of carrying a higher density/hour
    but that's more due to the dreadful lane discipline in the U.S.

    I don't know where you're getting your info from but it appears to me to be
    decades out of date. The fact is that the average Euro is no more
    environmentally "aware" than the average American - they waste just as much
    as we do.
    They do have more small cars of course, especially at the low end of the
    market - they also don't have automobile welfare to the extent we have and
    their aging fleet is certainly a smaller class of vehicle. Apart from the
    truck/SUV, where they have less of them (enough to have some cities
    attempting legislation to ban them), things are getting normalized. As for
    the price of gas, they use what they "need"... and they get some of it back
    in other economies in their lifestyle.
    Sorry, I don't see it and I've lived there and go there - this is an old
    American myth about not heating houses. You telling me they just live with
    whatever temps the climate throws at them? You need to visit and live with
    a middle income family there.
    Then I'm not sure what you meant by "'cuz they know they're wrong". That's
    what I was getting at.
    Myopia will not help fix this. They are here in the U.S. whether you want
    to believe it or not. When you see young kids (12 years old or so)
    excitedly babbling over polaroid pics of planes hitting the WTC, you *know*
    something is wrong.
    Read the articles I cited. Here's another from two days ago: They *are* having
    success in seducing young Muslims into their fold.
    George Macdonald, Jul 13, 2005
  5. Who - Luxemburg? That's not even a real country. I already mentioned why
    they voted no.
    So what's the difference? There are small regional groups with special
    interests all over the world. There is no residual uniquely Volks-culture
    that I've observed.
    Im afraid you'll have to give a specific example - I've no idea to what you
    are referring. They have a bunch of politicians who are just as corrupt as
    ours; their ability to manage them is slightly lower due to their electoral
    structures and they *are* wakening up to the great liberal lie... though it
    is distasteful to them to have to get in bed with the old aristocracy as an
    George Macdonald, Jul 13, 2005
  6. Not Lux, they benefit too much from trade so voted their
    wallets -- YES. It's the NO voters who were afraid.
    Somewhat for their wallet, somewhat for their group identity.
    Yes, there are groupings everywhere. What differs is
    the attachment, and the willingness to suffer and make
    others suffer for the group.
    The Nazis introducted a number of practices like home sales
    tax to reduce population mobility. I also think they
    increased permit requirements and townhall registration.
    But in very different ways. Corruption is at the party level
    rather than the individual legislator.
    Certainly party lists reduce individual responsibility.
    Interesting. What events/evidence make you say this?

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 13, 2005
  7. Look at some of the higher resolutions. Conurbations
    _are_ denser in Europe.
    Sort of, and sort of not. Yes, you can find similar densities. But
    Europe has a more of the higher densities and comparatively little
    of the lower ones that predominate in the US. More apartments,
    fewer single family stand-alone dwellings. More row-housing on 25'
    lots, and very little of std US suburbia on 50-75' lots.
    I expect that European vehicle-miles are half or less of the US.
    Numbers aer surely available. Average tri[p distance is shorter.
    Lane discipline certainly is better, but they also have slugs.
    But a lane can only care so much. Speed doesn't dictate
    carrying capacity, just like Vp (0.7c) doesn't dictate bus
    capacity. It's frequency!

    No-one much follows the two-second rule in heavy traffic.
    One second is more typical. That's 3600 cars/hr. I don't think
    the German Ruhr autobahns (for all their discipline) can average
    0.5 sec spacing. Maybe one string. For sure the London M25 or
    the Paris Peripherique cannot.
    I lived there for 2 years 5 years ago.
    It can be democratically taxed as a luxury. And is.
    I misspoke. I meant that the extremists know that their
    message will be thought wrong and they expect a poor
    Of course. There are also home-grown terrorists. The problem
    is that it is much easier to distroy than create. But random
    terrorists do not take over a society. They cause some
    distruction, and the society can cause itself much more by
    fear and expensive prevention.
    Hmmm ... sounds stages. Polaroids are expensive.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 14, 2005
  8. There are differences in some particular situations but it's hard to
    generalize. The closer you get to the city, the smaller the lots... in
    both cases: Hoboken or Passaic County NJ is not a lot different from the
    first few kms outside the Peripherique. In many places, e.g. France, the
    external appearance of houses is very deceptive - they look like nothing
    from the road.
    IME you're way off there - the "standard" 12Kmiles/year for the insurance
    company fits here and there.:) Any official "numbers" collected from
    owners are going to be effectively useless.
    They don't have slugs in the outer lane(s) - they know better... it's a
    like a major antisocial act. As for frequency and carrying capacity, of
    course it is dependent on speed when the "fast" lane(s) is clogged with
    slugs which cause rolling road blocks of dozens or hundreds of vehicles,
    even in moderately populated roads. The U.S. misuse of super-highways,
    resulting in underuse of available capacity, is lamentable and the
    difference in Europe is striking.

    You have me confused now with Vp and 0.7c - what kind of "bus" is this?:)
    I've lived over there in various places for a lot longer than that and I
    still visit - was in France 2 months ago.
    Huh - "stages"? Surely you're not casting doubt here - the story is true:
    those people were on the boardwalk in Hoboken at 7:30. Polaroids are not
    that expensive and I did *not* say the kids owned it. Oh, if you meant
    "staged", how the hell could they?
    George Macdonald, Jul 14, 2005
  9. Not at all. Even if it were so, what's so different from U.S. States and
    *their* desire for identity and err, "self-determination"? The Euros are
    just waking up to the reality of a crushing, unelected regime ruling the
    minutest details of their lives.
    I don't see anything in Europe currently which is grossly out of whack in
    that respect, compared with the U.S. It's the bottom line which counts -
    I've no idea what they might be paying in "home sales tax", if anything,
    and people don't appear to be reluctant to move home.
    Again, small differences, we have whips too.
    The "no" vote has little to do with the "constitution" - it's a protest
    against the micro-management of their society by creeps in Brussels. The
    EC, in particular, is acting like a high handed nanny govt. *and* it is not
    an elected body - people are pissed and want some of the lost personal
    "control" back. The liberal left are largely blamed for the mess and the
    stories of their sticky fingers, which are becoming common public
    knowledge, make them appear even less honest than the conservative right.
    The corruption is "in your face"... brazen even and the worst offenders,
    like Kinnock whose entire family has what what amounts to sinecures, are
    mostly just washed up, failed left wingers.
    George Macdonald, Jul 14, 2005
  10. Sure. The BosWash corridor is very similar to European urban
    areas. And suffer the same density stresses. But the US has a
    lot of people living in much lower density cities like Dallas/FW.
    Certainly. In the US people flaunt their wealth and hide
    their intelligence. Everwhere else, it's the other way 'round.
    Of course. But there are many other ways. I believe we were
    talking about total energy use. I've found numbers: Lux is 8.4
    tons oil equivalent per person per year (kinda high, but they're
    wealthy, fairly rural and have low gas tax that attracts foreigners
    to fill-up). US=8.1; Belgium=5.8; France=4.4; Germany=Japan=4.1;
    I think you mean inner (passing) lanes. The passing lanes
    are on the right in the UK (left in the US). The slow lanes
    in Europe have lots of slugs. Small minicars and their grossly
    underpowered tractor-trailors. They have good lane discipline
    because passing on the outside is forbidden -- a violation.
    None made by GM or even Mercedes. But every mobo goes
    this fast. Even those made by PCChips :)
    I thought you were talking about those staged things in
    the Middle East. I'm a bit surprised they happened in
    Hoboken, but hey, it's a crazy place. Everything that
    can happen, statistically _must_ happen.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 16, 2005
  11. And an elected one would be better? Euros have long
    accepted mincromanagement from their own governments.
    ID cards? Permits for many things? Zoning? Maybe the
    US NE is like this, most most of the US is not.
    10% is usual. And freedom is _not_ about the bottom
    line. By the time it becomes financial, it's 'way
    too late.

    Yes, and the US whips are laughably powerless buffoons.
    What leverage do they have? Maybe some pork. Euro whip
    control the order of the party lists. When was the last
    time a member of Parlement crossed the floor?
    I don't see anything about the old aristocracy.
    It isn't their only alternative.

    Nor do I see much cry to dismantle the employee protections that
    have caused so much of their current malaise [unemployment].

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 16, 2005
  12. Those are total consumption though?... including all the home heating oil
    used in the U.S. and which is extremely rare (non-existent ?) in Europe -
    those refinery cuts are what they use in a majority (according to recent
    estimates) of their cars there.:) France, e.g., has continued to invest
    heavily in nuclear energy, other countries too but to a lesser extent and
    "natural" gas is what is usually used for household heat/cooking.

    I'm not even convinced that wind turbines are all that "green" and they
    sure are a fugly blight on the landscape. Apparently WWF also hates them
    because they "might frighten & kill birds".:)
    Funny that: outer lane == right hand lanes to you in the U.S. - that's a
    new one on me.:) Yes I know about the U.K.'s rules - I've driven there
    extensively. Hogging the left lane in NJ is also illegal but people do it
    all the time ("not keeping right" is what I've seen listed a few times as
    the reason for a stop of what turned out to be drug traffickers :)) and
    yes I've been passed on the right in France. People in Europe don't hog
    the left lane mainly to avoid the extreme aggravation.

    I thought their tractor-trailers were the same Volvos and M-Bs we see here
    in the U.S.
    This was 9/12/2001; the kids (in NW NJ) had photos of the planes hitting
    WTC... smoke, flames and all; when asked where they got them, they said:
    "oh we were down there, at Hoboken at 7:30a.m. yesterday"; they had umm,
    "olive skin" and a mid-east "appearance"; the parents managed the local
    Exxon gas station; Hoboken at 7:30a.m. is not a tourist venue/time. Think
    about it.:-( This is not the only account among my personal acquaintances
    of a mid-eastern family, living a "normal U.S. resident life", having prior
    knowledge of the 9/11 atrocity.
    George Macdonald, Jul 18, 2005
  13. Having a "Politburo" in Washington handing out legislation with direction
    to the Congress on how to vote it would not bother you? Yes, elected helps
    when you want to get rid of the corrupt, bigoted and just plain malfeasant.
    Effectively, I don't really see much difference. An ID, whether it be a
    driving license or something else is pretty much mandatory everywhere now.
    I'll start to worry when mandatory RFID implants are being tabled. As for
    permits and Zoning, without them, people make a mess... are human beings
    vermin? I haven't made up my mind on that one!:)
    Well if you count Gorgeous George starting a new party?:)... the same guy
    who gave the U.S. Senate a dressing down.
    I thought you were questioning evidence of the wake-up to the "liberal
    lie"... which is pretty much universal: look at the disarray in the
    Democratic Party in the U.S. If you go "right" in Europe, you're pretty
    much aligned with the (lazy) "old aristocracy"... apart from maybe the
    You missed the disempowerment of the unions in the U.K.? The corps. in
    Europe have plenty of latitude in other ways to shaft employees, though
    you're right about "employee protections"... although those came about
    because of the enormous abuses of the Euro-capitalists over the years. I
    think it'll get fixed... but probably slowly.
    George Macdonald, Jul 18, 2005
  14. Hardly. Euro tractor-trailers are 12 wheelers. US std is 18.
    US engines are typically 400-500 HP, Euros are 230-420 HP.
    Euros use cab-over-engine designs and don't have sleepers.
    If they lived there, how long does it take to get a camera?
    The towers bured for 1-2 hours before collapsing. If they
    really did have "prior knowledge" (which I sincerely doubt),
    then they potentially are accessories-before-the-fact and
    ought to be questioned & perhaps charged.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 19, 2005
  15. It does, but only at the cost of giving them the power and legitimacy
    of elected officals. Notice how US politics changed after the 19th
    Amendment (direct election of Senators)
    No. Only in certain predictable situations where the
    authorities have probable cause.
    Easy to put into drivers licences. Lots of antenna space.
    So carry yours in a metal cigarette case and get stopped.
    They can. There are always some trophy non-conforming uses.
    But with them, the zones get manipulated for developer's
    gain and enormous corruption potential.
    Some alignment, but only the sense of common-enemy.

    As for people waking-up, nope. Until people are willing
    to abandon the nanny-state protections, they're still dreaming.
    Of course not. Nor of those in the US NE.
    Yes, mostly because the job market is moribund (due to job
    protections) so getting laid off is a much bigger deal than
    in the US.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 19, 2005
  16. Yes, well it is rather lamentable that some of the worst seem to be so
    difficult to err, dislodge. Then again, there have been some remarkable
    Be prepared to spend a night in jail then - probable cause is easy for the
    cops when they've a mind to... it's happened.
    There ya go - now you have an I.D. Implants are, I'm sure, on the agenda
    in the not too distant future... and apparently we already have
    Seems like your Euro-exposure did not include a brush with the old "class
    system." I suppose to people there, growing up with it would result in a
    unique mind set anyway.
    It won't happen globally, all at once - it *is* starting to happen. The
    Penguins of Brussels have accelerated the process.
    No - not at all. Some of the tax laws they have are an insult to the
    general population/employee force... lots of paper companies with near-zero
    assets. The job market is in the pan because they have had a steady stream
    of recently added EU member coutries with err, very attractive labor
    rates... temporary abberations.
    George Macdonald, Jul 19, 2005
  17. I'm sure I've seen Euro ones with a berth. So the Volvos/M-Bs we see here
    are different vresions? Either way time to get rid of the buggers and
    develop a proper rail freight system.
    What is it that you do not understand about "... photos of planes hitting
    WTC"? Now take a look at a map of NJ - figure at least a 1.5hr drive to
    get from NW to Hoboken. The "prior knowledge" thing has umpteen examples
    of which I know some detail about two. Both were reported to the F.B.I.;
    in the first case, that family is no longer managing the Exxon gas station
    but F.B.I. feedback was understandably absent; in the 2nd case, it is known
    that when the F.B.I. showed up at the residence, it was stripped. You'd
    better believe "they" are among us and ready to do us harm - learn from the
    U.K. Read the Berman article I cited for the inspiration.
    George Macdonald, Jul 19, 2005
  18. aether

    borolad Guest

    I see your still a USENET terrorist McShitbag.

    Crossposting your O/T crap all over the USENET.

    Why don't you and all your ' ??? ' friends take your irrelevant
    conversation to a discussion group ?

    alt.fresh.steamy turds.

    would be an acceptable starting point, and would, upon your hopefully
    imminent death be a good place for you and your kind to be inturd

    borolad, Jul 19, 2005
  19. Mostly. I suspect some of the city tractors might be Euro
    version, but getting US DOT approval wound't be easy.
    Everything has a place. Do you think your AMD Venice should
    have spent weeks on a train?
    OK -- two innocent possibilities: A relative was visiting
    and in NYC with camera (playing tourist); or Polaroids were
    taken from TV looping. Both very likely.
    So what else is new? There have always been enemies without
    and within. Should we do more harm to ourselves trying to
    stop them by expensive measures?
    Actually, it now looks like the "suicide" bombers weren't.
    They were duped by their controllers into carrying devices they
    didn't think would be detonated. Not good for the terrorist's
    recuitment efforts.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 20, 2005
  20. Of course it has happened. But much less often since cops
    undergo more rigorous psych testing, are afraid of false
    arrest lawsuits and Miranda rights are well known.
    I saw the class system in spades. And no sign of nostalgia.
    Some tendency towards classic liberalism while the aristocracy
    is tainted by association with the far right.
    This they have done. Alienated people.
    Polish plumbers might have affected the Netherlands (although
    they've also suffered from the deflation of a housing bubble).
    But France's malaise started _long_ before enlargement. Germany's
    started with reunification with the "kill'em with kindness" 1 OM =
    1 DM. They expected 20 years of trouble. France did not.

    -- Robert
    Robert Redelmeier, Jul 20, 2005
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