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Athlon XPs 2500, 2600, 2700, 2800

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Phil, Squid-in-Training, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Hey group. I'm wondering what the difference between the different XPs are.
    I know that there are 133 and 166 versions of each, but it appears that big
    gains are attained with the 2700 and 2800 (at 333ddr). I'm upgrading my
    comp because it got fried this past summer and I've been using a laptop ever
    since, but I'm selling the laptop very soon. My XP1900 was marginally
    faster than the 1800, but it was quite a bit more when I bought it.

    So what's the word? I'm going for a $100 proc, and the highest I'm really
    willing to go is $110. Lower is better, but I'm trying to get the most bang
    for the buck.

    Also, can anybody suggest a cheap mobo for me? LAN, sound (2 or 6 ch), no
    onboard video, no SATA, no RAID, parallel port, and at least 2 onboard USB.
    Will I need a special motherboard for the 166DDR FSB wacky procs?

    Thanks a bunch!
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Dec 9, 2003
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  2. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Moldy Guest

    MSI K7N2 Delta-L



    The only difference between crap and art, is that art has brass name plates below it
    Moldy, Dec 9, 2003
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  3. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Ben Pope Guest

    Should be able to get a cheap nForce2 board and a Barton 2500+, what RAM you

    There's really only 2 XPs at the moment, Tbred B and Barton, the only
    difference being that the Barton has 512KB L2 cache, the Tbred B has 256KB.

    Ben Pope, Dec 9, 2003
  4. Also, another thing... are there Athlon XPs 2500s that run at 333FSB?
    2600s? Is there a big enough performance boost to warrant it?
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Dec 9, 2003
  5. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Ben Pope Guest

    All Bartons run at either 166MHz (2500+, 2600+, 2800+, 3000+) or 200MHz FSB
    (3000+, 3200+)

    Ben Pope, Dec 9, 2003
  6. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Wes Newell Guest

    K7S8XE+ (SIS748) $54 shipped at newegg. 200MHZ FSB SATA Raid,etc. Full
    range of multiplier control up to 24x if you have an unlocked cpu. FSB
    adjustable in 1MHz increments (a must).

    You can also get an NF2 400 board for around the same price but without
    the sata raid. Most of the cheaper ones don't have multiplier control.
    SOme may not have FSB control, so check before you buy.

    Either of these should work well with a 2500+ overclocked FSB.
    Wes Newell, Dec 9, 2003
  7. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    MikeE Guest

    I thought the Barton 3000+ is a 166MHz fsb chip (333)!!!

    MikeE, Dec 9, 2003
  8. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Ed Guest

    __Model Name_______MHz_FSB x Mult
    Athlon XP 1500+ - 1333 (133x10.0)
    Athlon XP 1600+ - 1400 (133x10.5)
    Athlon XP 1700+ - 1467 (133x11.0)
    Athlon XP 1800+ - 1533 (133x11.5)
    Athlon XP 1900+ - 1600 (133x12.0)
    Athlon XP 2000+ - 1667 (133x12.5)
    Athlon XP 2100+ - 1733 (133x13.0)
    Athlon XP 2200+ - 1800 (133x13.5)
    Athlon XP 2400+ - 2000 (133x15.0)
    Athlon XP 2600+ - 2133 (133x16.0)

    Athlon XP 2600+ - 2083 (166x12.5)
    Athlon XP 2700+ - 2167 (166x13.0)
    Athlon XP 2800+ - 2250 (166x13.5)
    Barton XP 2500+ - 1833 (166x11.0)
    Barton XP 2600+ - 1917 (166x11.5)
    Barton XP 2800+ - 2083 (166x12.5)
    Barton XP 3000+ - 2167 (166x13.0)

    Barton XP 3000+ - 2100 (200x10.5)
    Barton XP 3200+ - 2200 (200x11.0)
    Ed, Dec 10, 2003
  9. K7S8XE+ (SIS748) $54 shipped at newegg. 200MHZ FSB SATA Raid,etc. Full
    Thanks for the suggestion, but have many people here tried out ASRock? I
    see that it's a spinoff from Asus, but is it worth it? I was thinking about
    the Asus A7V8X-X... any opinions on that one? I'd rather go with the Asus
    for a few less features and a bit more peace of mind.

    I'm not too focused on overclocking; I used to do that but never saw
    significant gains. Too much time spent not riding my bike ;)
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Dec 10, 2003
  10. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Roger M Guest

    Epox 8RDA3G, Athlon XP2500+, 2 x 256 Kingston HyperX ddr400. $278 from newegg.
    You can run the processor at 200 mhz fsb with no problems at all and the memory
    in dual channel mode it makes for a quick system. The Epox mb is very stable and
    has all the adjustments if you want them. Plus it's not too expensive for what
    you get. I've got three all running the Barton 2500 processor at 3200+ with no
    problems at all. It's 8 inches on snow on the ground so I don't get to ride my
    bike. I'm no squid either (too fat, too old)!

    Roger M, Dec 10, 2003
  11. Epox 8RDA3G, Athlon XP2500+, 2 x 256 Kingston HyperX ddr400. $278 from
    Are you using regular cooling or something else? That's pretty crazy
    because I could never get my 1900 to go past a 2100 rating for very long.
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Dec 10, 2003
  12. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    OZoNE Guest

    You have been away from the newsgroup for awhile.
    I run my 2100+ @ 200x11 for the 3200+ rating.

    The BArton 2500+ already has the multiplier at 11..so a raise in fsb to 200
    isnt a major strain on the cpu.

    with air cooling 3200+ speed is not out of the question.

    With a Unlocked 2500+ speeds higher then 2200Mhz can also be attained with
    raised vcore and more extreme cooling.

    Also I am using the Asus A7N8X Mobo w/OCZ PC3200 ram (DDR 400) and as siad
    before a T-Bred core 2100+.
    OZoNE, Dec 10, 2003
  13. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Roger M Guest

    I use the retail hsf that came with the processor, idles at 45 and goes to
    53/54 full load. It will oc higher I just don't see any reason to do it because
    it does this without a hitch. I did raise the v-core voltage a little to get it
    to run prime 95.

    Roger M, Dec 10, 2003
  14. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    MikeE Guest

    Thanks, I might get one of those soon ;-)
    Will I be able to change multiplier on Abit NF7-S for a Barton XP 3000+?

    MikeE, Dec 10, 2003
  15. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Ed Guest

    If the CPU is unlocked (week 38 or lower) it shouldn't be a problem, or
    just get a 333 FSB (166MHz) Barton and run it on a 200MHz FSB. ;p

    Ed, Dec 10, 2003
  16. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Hippy Paul Guest

    'Bag-o-sh#te' - KT400 chipset...

    fine if you seriously do not want to overclock much - or have loads of
    grief if you do try to seriously OC it. That's if it is the A7*V*8X-X and
    not the A7*N*8X

    the K7S8XE+ does sound very good and cheaper than nforce2 boards.
    Hippy Paul, Dec 10, 2003
  17. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    ~misfit~ Guest

    I have a Barton 2500 on 200 x 11 with stock cooling and only had to up vcore
    one notch. Max temp 52°C. One case fan only, blowing out. Ambient temp

    I also have a TbredB 1800 at 200 x 10.5, vcore 1.80, stock HSF but air
    ducted through the side of the case via an 80mm fan and a cut-down,
    hot-glued plastic cup for a tapered duct. It runs at similar temps to the

    Both rock-solid, Prime95 stable for 24 hours. Both on Soltek nForce2 boards,
    both running PC3200 RAM at 200MHz - dual channel.
    ~misfit~, Dec 11, 2003
  18. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    Hippy Paul Guest

    Just to confuse the issue further there are 3 types of AMD XP1900 - Palamino
    (worst over clocker) Thoroughbred 'A' Core (bad over clocker) and
    Thoroughbred 'B' Core (good overclocker) - I suspect your XP1900 was either
    a Palamino or an 'A' core. Everything XP2400 and over is a 'B' Core.
    Hippy Paul, Dec 11, 2003
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