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ATI 9.12 Install--did not install

Discussion in 'ATI' started by RoseW, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. RoseW

    RoseW Guest

    Radeon 3870 Windows 7 Professional 4 quad 8G ram - clean install.
    Microsoft installed 9.11 at time of install and operating device manager
    driver version displays

    Downloaded just the 9.12 drivers to install Dec.17.
    The install process appeared to be processing from what was viewed on
    the monitor.
    No change in the operating device manager driver version. It is still 8.6
    There isn't a new date in any of the ATI driver files as compared to the
    original (by chance, I have a copy because there was a necessity for the
    technician to reinstall Win7 which made an old copy of the original
    windows 7 install which had ATI 9.11)

    Previous installs of ATI drivers have not had the original driver
    removed before installing the updated version so I did not manually
    remove the 9.11 on this 9.12 install occassion.

    I'm not sure what step to do at this point.
    a)Delete the expanded files located in C:\Ati for the recent download
    b)Download again and include the Catalyst portion
    or Download again just the drivers to try again.
    c) Or go through the driver update routine using the operating system
    drivers dialog box which I assume will be pointed at the expanded files
    at the root of C:

    There is an atikmag error repeatedly displaying in the event manager
    with ID 52236 CPLIB and another 'display is not active' ID 43029 DAL
    error when using the current 9.11 drivers. I turned off SLEEP but that
    hasn't stopped the event error.
    Perhaps updating the drivers has nothing to do with correcting this
    atikmag error listing?

    RoseW, Dec 20, 2009
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  2. RoseW

    Cronos Guest

    Download Driver Sweeper from the below url and have it remove all ATI
    crap then reboot PC and then install 9.12 driver with CCC from ATI.


    I recommend you set Microsoft updates to ask you what to install and not
    allow it to just install automatically because the drivers from ATI are
    not the same as the ones Microsoft provide and as you found out can mess
    up your system. I do updates manually because I know the major updates
    are released the second Tuesday of every month and I like to see just
    exactly what is being installed and do not install all optional updates.
    Cronos, Dec 20, 2009
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  3. RoseW

    RoseW Guest

    Your recommend is the routine I normally follow ( not installing
    automatically) but the computer shop had to redo their original
    installation of my machine and in that process the ATI drivers were
    included with the update.
    I agree with your observation of the MS extras. I had the 9.11 drivers
    installed before the machine went back to the shop and all systems were
    operating smoothly.
    Thanks for the input.
    RoseW, Dec 20, 2009
  4. RoseW

    Cronos Guest

    OK, let me know if the driver sweeper method and installation of 9.12
    w/CCC fixed your issue or not.
    Cronos, Dec 20, 2009
  5. RoseW

    Cronos Guest

    No problem. I haven't installed 9.12 yet and am still on 9.11. I will
    install later and see if I get any issues but I have never in the past
    when I run the ATI uninstall tool first. Not driver sweeper but in the
    add/remove programs feature in control panel there is a tool listed to
    uninstall all ATI stuff and is from ATI, so long as that is run first
    and you reboot the PC then the install will go fine. But for you there
    was no such uninstaller because you never installed CCC so the driver
    sweeper instead was needed.
    Cronos, Dec 21, 2009
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