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ATI 9100 exists or not?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Asestar, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Asestar

    Asestar Guest

    I could not find any reference to 9100 on ati.com . I did found everyother
    cards from 7000-9800, just not 9100.. what is wrong?
    Asestar, Feb 15, 2004
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  2. Asestar

    Thomas Guest

    It exists, it's a relabeled 8500, usually cheap version.

    Thomas, Feb 15, 2004
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  3. Asestar

    borolad Guest

  4. Asestar

    Augustus Guest

    The 9100 is a rebadged 8500, with somewhat slower clock and memory settings.
    I've got a Sapphire 9100 128 Meg and it o/c's to the 8500 levels no problem.
    It's faster than a 9000 Pro or 9200. Picked mine up for $45 on EBay, but
    they're hard to find.
    Augustus, Feb 15, 2004
  5. Asestar

    Asestar Guest

    I mean I know it exists in integrated form, but it is not mensioned at Ati
    website as add-on gfx card (like 8500,7200 etc)?! Is it some reason behind
    Asestar, Feb 15, 2004
  6. Asestar

    Augustus Guest

    Augustus, Feb 15, 2004
  7. Asestar

    Rick Guest

    Rick, Feb 16, 2004
  8. Asestar

    Darthy Guest

    It appears to be a very limited release product..

    For kicks, look up the 5600, 5500 and mx4000 on Nvidia.com site...

    nothing... especially on the mx4000 (This is a NEW card - priced at
    $70 with the power of a GF2mx/R7500 - but with DX8 support) LOL
    Darthy, Feb 16, 2004
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