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ATI 9600 or 9600 Pro on Athlon XP 2400+ system?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by bambi, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. bambi

    bambi Guest

    My System:
    CPU: Athlon XP 2400+ (2000 MHz)
    RAM: Mushkin 256 MB DDR
    OS: XP Pro
    Monitor: 1024 x768 LCD @ 60 Hz
    Current Video Card: Voodoo3 2000

    Video Card Goal: Play Tron 2.0 and Halflife 2 smoothly.

    Is a 9600 Pro significantly better than a regular 9600, especially on
    my system? Just how fast is the Pro vs Non-Pro version? 10% faster?
    20% faster?

    Or is the Pro version only good for overclockers?

    I don't plan to overclock because I want to keep my warranty and my
    system is hot as it is.

    bambi, Aug 22, 2003
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