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ATI 9700 AIW/Samsung 213T

Discussion in 'ATI' started by zounds, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. zounds

    zounds Guest

    I'm using the DVI connector and the card and this monitor yield a great
    picture. The monitor doesn't have even one bad pixel... but...

    Upon entering sleep, or shutdown, the monitor goes through a cycle that
    seems to last about 10 seconds where it displays "analog" then "digital"
    meanwhile the poor backlight is cycled on and off about 5-6 times.

    Thinking it might be the video card/monitor combination, I've been trying to
    borrow one but haven't succeeded (plus I hate going through all that).
    Samsung has said I can "bring it in for service" (not quite 30 days old yet)
    and they have an exchange policy where you get a refurbished monitor (!!!)
    if you put a new one on your credit card and if they get mine back then the
    transaction doesn't go through. That's good, but refurbished? I guess you
    never know what you'll get - my worst scenario would be to get someone
    else's rejected monitor with xx dead pixels.

    I disconnected the monitor entirely to see what would happen and on powerUP,
    it goes through the same searching sequence (digital, analog, digital,
    analog, backlight on, off, 5-6 times, about 10 seconds duration, the only
    difference is once no signal is found, it displays "check signal cable" in a
    screen-saver like mode (dialog moves about on screen). So this behavior
    seems by design? I was thinking the ATI card might be sending some residual
    signal on powerdown but now I doubt it, the absence of signal just triggers
    this 10-second cycle.

    I could just take the monitor back to Best Buy since it's under 30 days, but
    wonder if I would ever get another one with a flawless LCD panel. Or
    perhaps this is really expected behavior and the backlight can withstand
    this relatively slow on/off pattern while it seems to be seeking a signal
    before giving up and going to standby... or I can simply push the power
    button on the monitor.

    It would be very interesting to know if anyone else has this model monitor
    and has noticed this behavior. THis is my first LCD so perhaps it's OK? It
    certainly has a beautiful picture and gets along very well with the ATI in
    all respects.

    Thanks - Bill
    zounds, Aug 3, 2004
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  2. zounds

    V Green Guest

    Bill, I think you're OK, especially since it does
    it when it's dicsonnected from the video card.

    My 191T goes through a little "fishing expedition"
    as well during start up, though not as many cycles as

    It's just checking both the VGA and DVI ports, using
    multiple modes, to see if anything's connected.

    If you have a perfect screen, do NOT under any circumstances
    allow them to do the bogus "refurbished" thing to you. Your
    fear that your replacement may be someone else's reject is
    well founded.
    V Green, Aug 4, 2004
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