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ATI AIW 9800 Pro and Audigy2 SZ Audio Echo problem - Fix

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Mark, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest


    For those of you who might be suffering with audio echo when using the
    MMC's TV and/or using TV On-Demand (version 9) with an Audigy2 SZ card
    (latest drivers), here is a possible solution. It fixed it here. YMMV.

    It started 36 hours ago when I reinstalled everything, but this time I
    was going to use a Audigy2 sound card. As soon as I ran TV after the new
    installations the echo was there. Sure it could be stopped by going into
    Play Control and muting Line-In, but there wasn't anything to mute when
    TV On-Demand was selected. Plus I didn't have to do anything like that

    I looked at the Setup and the Initialization Wizard many times, but
    nothing clicked.

    After having looked at the Initialization Wizard for the tenth time, in
    the "Sound Initialization Wizard" area I place a check mark to "Mute
    Audio During Scheduled Record" and for kicks, another check mark to
    "Preserve TV On-Demand Video Between Sessions" in the "TV On-Demand
    Initialization Wizard".

    Neither of which I was originally to concerned about. For the first one,
    I didn't plan on doing any scheduled recordings, and I could care less
    if the .VCR file was saved. Actually, I would prefer not to eat up space
    on the hard drive unnecessarily.

    Anyway, I hit "Next" and then "Finish".

    As soon as I hit the "Finish" button, the echo disappeared and has not
    returned. It has not returned even if both option have their check marks
    removed. The MMC is now correctly sending the audio to the Audigy2 the
    way it is suppose to be sending it.

    If I go into TV On-Demand, and back the live feed back 30 seconds and
    then open the Live window, which ever window currently has focus, the
    sound is heard, not both at the same time, not endlessly feeding back on

    I've called ATI and have given them the complete steps to test this and
    they seemed very interested in this fix.

    So, it appears to be some kind of problem with the Initialization Wizard
    not detecting the Audigy2 cards correctly, because it does work

    On a side note, I also mentioned the spelling error in the "Unable To
    Configure Audio" dialog box:

    "Please select the audio line to which you have connected vour video
    hardware from the list below."

    Vy video vis vennected voo vi Vine-Vin. Vhere vis vours? :)
    Mark, Jun 12, 2004
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  2. Mark

    Gordon Scott Guest

    Great work Mark
    btw ATI is disgusting for spelling mistakes in almost everything they
    write, be it drivers registry entries manuals help files you name it. It
    is sad that in Canada, a world leader in the field of communications,
    they can't use a spell checker and a human (probably white)to go over
    their items before release.

    Gordon Scott, Jun 13, 2004
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  3. Mark

    patrickp Guest

    Why a white human, Gordon? They come in different colours, you know.
    And, strangely perhaps to you, it doesn't make any difference to their
    language skills.

    And I can't say that I've noticed that Ati are any worse than other
    companies for their spelling - apart from the fact that, to me, North
    American spellings never look right. I have noticed that your
    grammatic skills leave a lot to be desired, though...


    - take five to email me
    patrickp, Jun 14, 2004
  4. Mark

    Mark Guest

    You wrote in thusly:
    I do not wish to get into an international debate about spelling or
    grammar. It's pointless and I won't win. ;)

    To clarify, I made the above comment about the spelling of the word
    "your" because I was talking to ATI Tech Support at the time, but would
    not have gone out of my way to report such trivial issues unless there
    was a major impact with installing or use of the software. Which is why
    I also mentioned to ATI that the wrong image has been used in their
    un-install guide for several releases.

    Plus, what I wrote was a dry-read. I thought I would try and put a
    little humor in case someone managed to make it all the way to the end
    without falling asleep. :)

    In any case, my main point was to address the MMC audio echo problem,
    which I found as I did research, was affecting many others - without

    I should also point out that I went with my first and /only/ install of
    the MMC (in fact all of the ATI) software. It was this first install
    that, as I mentioned above, I somehow managed to get to work.

    While it is not a direct fix, the experience I had getting the MMC
    software to work might help someone else suffering with this problem.

    And quite frankly, I did not wish to re-install all the ATI software
    just so the problem would (perhaps) reappear and I could pin point
    exactly what it was about the Initialization Wizard, that if you hammer
    it enough times, it eventually configures everything right.

    Perhaps someone could duplicate what I did, to solve their audio echo
    problem and post back? If we work together, we might narrow it down.
    Mark, Jun 14, 2004
  5. Mark

    patrickp Guest

    Sorry, Mark, I thought it was clear my remarks were aimed at Gordon
    Scott, not you. And I agree with you about the pointlessness of
    criticisms of grammar and spelling in a forum such as Usenet. My
    remarks were made because I thought Gordon's criticism of Ati's
    spelling was not only unfounded, but quite invalidated by his poor

    I was also offended by his apparent racism - which I found not only
    objectionable, but totally uncalled for on Usenet.

    Apologies again.


    - take five to email me
    patrickp, Jun 14, 2004
  6. Mark

    Mark Guest

    You wrote in thusly:
    I understood your intention and your focus. I was attempting to pull the
    thread back on track and clarify any misunderstands with my original
    Not needed. All's good.
    Mark, Jun 15, 2004
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