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ati all-in-wonder 9600xt: how much better than a gainward golden sample200/450?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by freestone wilson, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. hi all...

    upgrade time oh upgrade time, the Morrowind game makes a small
    slideshow for me.

    I upgraded from a 1700athlon to a 2400.
    I have the audigy2 zs.

    now while i am at it, I wonder if my trusty gainward golden sample
    powerpack 200/450 shold also be changed?!
    I like what i read about the ati all-in-wonder 9600xt.

    Oh those benchmarks; i find it *so* hard to get two equal
    comparisons, especially from two cards that are years apart, one site
    has, say, unreal 2003, but another site uses, for the all-in-wonder
    card, unreal 2004!

    there are some comparisons that seem to infer to me that the gainward
    card might even
    the ati 9600xt card, in fps!!

    then there is my issue that i have windows 98se! the Radeon series,
    the higher series, do not use 98 at all! but i see that the ati 9600
    can use win98se.

    my Adugy2 upgrade *is* well worth it, what a difference.
    can anyone compare these two cards for me, and tell me their

    for $200, that is a lot of $$$$$ to find that "they are about the

    freestone wilson, Jun 13, 2004
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