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ATI-AMD's R600 GPU has a 512-bit external bus and 1024-bit internal ring bus

Discussion in 'ATI' started by AirRaid, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. AirRaid

    AirRaid Guest




    the R600 is a progression from the Xbox 360's 'Xenos' GPU, without
    EDRAM, but with a 512-bit external memory bus. this beats out Nvidia's
    high-end G80 which only has a "384-bit" bus, which I believe is
    actually just a 256-bit plus a 128-bit busses in different regions of
    the GPU/card.

    R600 should definitally have the bandwidth advantage over G80.

    I am hoping that the next Xbox makes the leap from a 128-bit main
    memory bus (Xbox, Xbox 360) to a 512-bit bus. Xbox 360 can get away
    with a 128-bit main memory bus because it has super high bandwidth
    EDRAM at 256 GB/sec internally, which is probably higher than the
    bandwidth that even R600 will have. but Xbox 360's 256 GB/sec is only
    for 10 MB of RAM.

    but it's good to see ATI-AMD and Microsoft ahead of Nvidia and Sony.
    AirRaid, Nov 26, 2006
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  2. AirRaid

    John Lewis Guest

    er, did you read the Anandtech article on the 8800 GPU before firmly
    placing you foot in your mouth and pushing hard ? You betray your
    total lack of technical knowledge and your total ability to
    regurgitate phrases typically seen on the glossy boxes of retail video
    cards. Why not offer your services to ATi (AMD) marketing ? Maybe you
    could also finally encourage them to cease their endless new product

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Nov 26, 2006
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  3. John Lewis wrote:

    this info does not come from the glossy boxes of retail video cards or
    ATI marketing. ATI / AMD has not released official info on the R600.
    the 512-bit bus info comes from websites that track new graphics cards
    / GPUs. it's also pretty much excepted on Beyond3D.com forums, where
    the hype is seperated from the BS. 512-bit bus can only be a good
    thing. unless you're a Nvidiot.
    AirRaid Mach 2.5, Nov 26, 2006
  4. more:


    "R600 is the first GPU that ATI will release under AMD's cloak, and
    will be the company's first DirectX 10 compliant graphics processor.

    manufactured on TSMC's 80 nanometre process and according to PCDVD
    Forums, the chip's surface area is just under 430mm² - that's
    considerably larger than the company's current high end R580 GPU.

    Interestingly, the silicon in the leaked pictures has been rotated by
    45 degrees. We believe that this has been done in order to incorporate
    a physical 512-bit memory interface with realistic trace lengths.
    NVIDIA's first 256-bit dies (NV35 onwards) were rotated by 45 degrees
    on the chip packaging, so it could be a case of history repeating
    itself again.

    NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 GTX video card uses a 384-bit memory interface,
    while the GeForce 8800 GTS uses a 320-bit memory interface. However,
    the orientation of the G80 die on its packaging is not clear at this
    time, because it's hidden under a rather large heat spreader. I'm not
    prepared to use one of bit-tech's GeForce 8800's as a guinea pig just

    AMD is rumoured to unveil its next-generation graphics processor on the
    20th January 2007."
    AirRaid Mach 2.5, Nov 30, 2006
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