ATI chipset + ATI GPU _or_ nForce chipset + nVidia GPU -- Which combination performs better?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by andrew.gullans, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Given the path that this discussion has gone so far, I'm much more inclined
    to believe that it was your lack of experience that caused you grief in
    uninstalling the ATI drivers. Fact of the matter is that ATI includes a
    driver uninstaller which has never failed once for me on any of my machines.
    Yes, and likewise about drivers for NVidia cards. That would be the main
    reason for these news groups - to post about issues they are having with
    their hardware and or software. Oh, I forgot... NVidia has never had any
    driver problems. My mistake.
    Yes I do understand the difference. But do you understand that a motherboard
    chipset is worthless without an accompanying, well featured motherboard? All
    reviews out there suggest that the A8R-MVP is the best ATI crossfire chipset
    motherboard on the market, which is why I recommended it.
    I'll keep that in mind.
    In some situations, that may be the case. However, when one does have
    sufficient experience to make a proper evaluation of the alternatives, and
    the alternatives are for all intents and purposes equally matched, it is
    used to make the final decision between product A and product B.
    No I'm describing an element of capitalism. The term "fanboy" implies
    reckless and ungrounded admiration for a product simply because they own it.
    A fanboy makes uncalculated purchasing decisions based on popular opinion
    and stubborn bias, not previous experience with the brand/product.
    getting bored now.
    Or because you have nothing to offer to support your claim.
    Comparing ATI to SiS now? LOL. Sorry, but you've just deposited your last
    credibilty token.

    Tony DiMarzio, Jan 31, 2006
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  2. andrew.gullans

    gold fingers Guest

    Abit will be releasing their ATI RD580 chipset motherboard in Febuary /
    March. Their RD480 motherboard (AT8) is an integrated graphics chipset
    motherboard. The ATI RD580 chipset is a Discrete Graphics chipset. Put
    that with ATI's new X1900 series GPUs (currently the fastest GPUs on
    the planet). Most mainboard manufacturers are going back to providing
    Discrete Graphics chipset mainboards, which will make it easier for
    consumers to upgrade their graphics requirements at a reasonable cost
    (which is what I read somewhere on some forum, doin't quite remember
    what forum). I checked out the new X1900 series on the ATI Web Site and
    contacted mainboard techs to ask them about the RD580 chipset
    mainboards. The ATI RD580 chipset with an X1900 series GPU will be the
    fastest combination on the planet!!!
    gold fingers, Feb 1, 2006
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  3. andrew.gullans

    kony Guest

    No, it's that you're an idiot. I have plenty of experience
    but even if I didn't it would be true.

    It takes zero experience to run the driver installer, reboot
    the system, click uninstall in add/remove programs and see
    an error message. There is no BS "experience" factor
    involved in this basic procedure.

    The driver uninstaller is included in the installer. Any
    further actions to uninstal besides those provided by the
    driver installer are excessive and a sign of broken driver

    You are deluded and have wasted enough of my time.
    kony, Feb 1, 2006
  4. ;)
    Tony DiMarzio, Feb 1, 2006
  5. .....and that's the end of that. Well, it's been a great thread, and we
    really nipped it in the bud before it devolved into an all-out
    flamewar. I would have given another 5-7 posts before someone made the
    unavoidable mention of nazis somehow (as in "well, you know, intel's
    parent-company sold its stuff to the nazis in wwii"). But, in all, I'm
    glad it worked out for the best. Damn, well, there I went and did it,
    I already mentioned nazis by mentioning the mentioning of them. Gosh
    darn it. Stay tuned for our next thread.
    andrew.gullans, Feb 2, 2006
  6. andrew.gullans

    larry Guest

    Ditto here, old Aopen 754 motherboard that anandtech loved so much.
    larry, Feb 13, 2006
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