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ATI R5xxx Roadmap Info: Value 1st - Highend 2nd

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Guest, Aug 16, 2005.

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    ATI's R5xxx Roadmap Details

    If anything, ATI's OEM partners are just as confused as the rest of us.
    R520, ATI's next generation replacement for the X800 and X850 series, still
    has no name. We have talked a little bit about R520 in the past,
    specifically concerning H.264 acceleration on the card. We have also hinted
    at performance rumors of the R520, but since the silicon has been overhauled
    so many times since then, R520 could be much different than what was
    originally speculated. (In fact, we know it is.)

    The ATI roadmaps specifically claim the new R5xxx series cards have new
    video architectures, new memory controllers and now use a 90nm production
    process. Whether that equates to better performance will have to wait until
    the actual production launches.

    You'll first notice that ATI is releasing their cards slightly out of order
    this time around. ATI's approach may be to corner off NVIDIA before a next
    generation replacement for the 6200 series shows up. NVIDIA actually has a
    current generation 6200 replacement already, the GeForce 6500 (geared
    specifically to target the Radeon X550). Our sources say the GeForce 6500
    will fall somewhere between the performance of a 6600LE and a GeForce 6200,
    but at a much lower price point than the 6600LE.

    We have obscured the launch times of these cards intentionally.

    ATI Mid and Low Performance Roadmap

    Core Name ----- Slot Width ---- Launch Date

    RV530 Crossfire ---- Single Slot ---- Late October

    RV515 "XL" ---- Single Slot ----- Late September

    ATI High Performance Roadmap

    Core Name --------- Slot Width --------- Launch Date

    R520 "XT" Crossfire ------ Dual Slot ------ Mid October

    R520 "XT" ----------- Dual Slot ------- Early October

    R520 "XL" ----- Single Slot ------ Early September

    There is some discrepancy between the exact naming on the various cards. We
    have heard R520 "GL" in the past, but this most recent roadmap seems to
    indicate R520XL instead. A "Pro" version of the R520 is mentioned as well,
    but that is the only card for which we do not have an exact availability
    date. Expect retail availability of these cards in November.

    Radeon X850 and Radeon X800 are not completely out of the loop yet either.
    "Master Card" editions of the X850 and X800 are expected in September as
    "CrossFire Edition" cards.

    Since RV530 and RV515 are actually launching first, we have a bit more
    information about them. Both RV530 and RV515 come in two main flavors; the
    RV530XT and RV530 Pro, as well as the RV515 Pro and RV515LE. Again we have
    slightly obscured the timing on the launches of these cards.

    Oddly enough, ATI is going with a dual-slot configuraton for the high end
    R520s. Even though the card will physically only occupy a single PEG, the
    thermals are so massive that they take up two expansion slots, as with the
    X850XT cards today.

    The only major difference between the RV530XT and RV530 Pro appears to be
    clock speed. A general clock recommendation is given below, but obviously
    manufacturers will vary this as they please. AGP versions of the RV530 will
    appear with the Rialto PCI-E to AGP bridge after the initial launch.
    Meanwhile, the PCI-e users will be blessed with Crossfire editions of at
    least one of the RV530 variants.


    a.. 600MHz Core Clock
    b.. 1400MHz Memory Clock
    c.. 512MB Maximum Memory for "XT"
    d.. 256MB Maximum Memory for "Pro"
    e.. 128-bit Memory
    f.. 12 Pipelines
    g.. Maximum 16x32MB 1.4ns GDDR3
    RV515 also comes in two separate versions: a "Pro" and an "LE" version.
    Again there will be AGP versions much after the launch in the form of Rialto
    bridged cards. ATI roadmaps do not indicate there will be CrossFire versions
    of RV515.


    a.. 450MHz Core Clock
    b.. 800MHz Memory Clock
    c.. 256MB Maximum Memory Support
    d.. 128-bit Memory
    e.. 4 Pipelines
    f.. Maximum 16x16MB 2.5ns GDDR2
    More details including the various launch names for these cards to follow!
    Guest, Aug 16, 2005
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