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ATI RAGE FURY, e-TNT M64, SIS 315, Matrox G400 Which one giv

Discussion in 'ATI' started by tommyussery, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. tommyussery

    tommyussery Guest

    ATI Rage Fury, e-TNT M64, SIS 315, Matrox G400 Which one gives the
    best graphics? Right now I am using the ATI Rage Fury it is a 32 meg
    agp. I was thinking about using the M64, or the Matrox G400 if one of
    them would perform better? I tried the sis 315 and even though it got
    better bench marks in 3dmark2001 almost twice the score it was so
    slow playing GTA3 it was not funny and the ATI runs GTA3 just fine
    and smooth. But I Havent tried the m64 or the matrox yet. I was
    wondering which one is known to be the best? like i said I tried the
    SIS and it is the only 64 meg all others are 32 and I quickly learned
    megs don't equal speed! I use the pc as my windows box just for tv and
    games it is my second pc so i dont want to buy a new card just for it
    so I want to use the best i got I guess i should note i use
    powerstrip to over clock the ATI right now i have it cranked up all
    the way engine clock and mem clock both set at 160MHz I had installed
    a 486 fan on the heatsink and it runs fine all day with no problems. I
    was thinking of putting the m64 or Matrox in and over clocking them if
    one of them are known to out do the ATI. any help hear would be
    greatly apprecated!
    tommyussery, Jun 3, 2005
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  2. tommyussery

    Sleepy Guest

    the M64 is a cutdown TNT card 64bit rather than 128bit so its very slow and
    the Matrox is designed for CAD work and image quality not games. The Rage
    Fury is probably the best out of those. Alternatively sell them all and put
    the money towards a Radeon 9200.
    Sleepy, Jun 4, 2005
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  3. tommyussery

    tommyussery Guest

    thanks very much... I have been thinking of selling them to upgrade
    but just havent got around to it, You know if it is'nt the main pc
    then it is not on the top of the to-do list. My Dad is a admin for
    three different oil production company's so I always get boxes full
    of old parts, to throw together different pc's with. All the old
    stuff he gives me, and sometimes whole pc's that I ripp apart and
    store in parts bins. So it is never very important to upgrade spare
    pc's I just wait for the next box of goodies. It was just this time I
    wanted to know what the best card out of the bunch was. I though it
    might had been the 64 meg sis315 ..till I tried it! So I thought I
    would ask people who actully knew the older cards I had.
    tommyussery, Jun 4, 2005
  4. tommyussery

    farmuse Guest

    rage card is the best of those, stick with it until the next box of
    free parts ha ha
    farmuse, Jun 5, 2005
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