Attn Gibby re: PA2013 BIOS settings (was re: K6-III/450 PLUS etc)

Discussion in 'FIC' started by Shadowman, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Shadowman

    Shadowman Guest

    Basically what I meant by most "aggressive" settings was enabling just about
    everything, except ECC memory and power management. So memory speed is on
    the fastest poss, 2- rather than 3-cycle (CAS) setting and turbo, and I've
    enabled all the "write this and pre-fetch that type " options. I'm no expert
    in this area, just lucky I guess ! - with more knowledge I could no doubt
    get it faster still).

    But I certainly think you could push your CPU to 500 Mhz or even 550.

    The great Kyle Brant of this group, who has probably forgotten more about
    FIC SuperSeven boards and computer engineering in general than I could ever
    know, wrote a program called K6 Speed to exploit the features of the
    K6-2/III+ CPUs. You might want to try using that to help push it further.

    Shadowman, Jan 3, 2004
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