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Audigy TOSlink Adapter for MiniDisk.

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Woger MKII , Apr 24, 2004.

  1. I don't know if you can get them here but only need a single out port from a
    Audigy Sound card to Sony Minidisk Recorder..

    Any suggestions..
    Woger MKII , Apr 24, 2004
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  2. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    Any suggestions..

    Gooogle is an amazing resource. :D It can often answer questions such as
    these. Try a query such as this one:

    Third link from the top seems to be what you're looking for (it's this one,
    in case the results page changes for you):

    Now, I didn't follow any of these links to see if they're precisely what you
    want, but hey, I can't do EVERYTHING for you! ;) Also, I've been told these
    things are pretty easy to build yourself, and Google should be able to offer
    some blueprints provided it is fed the right keywords.
    Lenny, Apr 24, 2004
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  3. Yes I spent 10 hours doing it and found No Articles at all.

    Plus Creative uses a None Standard SPdif..

    You have to get a Device that made for the SBlive or Audigy sound card..
    Woger MKII , Apr 25, 2004
  4. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    Ten hours doing what? I would think it unlikely you googled for ten hours
    and found nothing relevant, unless you didn't use any proper keywords or
    such. Hell, I got a link to the device you need on the first page of results
    with my first attempt...

    Do you know at all how to use a search engine? ;)
    SPDIF is SPDIF, there is no "none standard" SPDIF. Either it is, or it
    The connector is different, true, but that doesn't matter. Just get yourself
    an adaptor plug.
    No, that is not true.
    Lenny, Apr 25, 2004

  5. Seems like you just don't have a clue so why post at all.

    Seems that you do not know a thing I have been using the net since 197x
    Woger MKII , Apr 25, 2004
  6. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    Uh, LOL!

    Explain then how this "none standard" SPDIF actually works just fine when
    piped into any piece of equipment that accepts SPDIF input.

    I've got my Audigy2 ZS connected to a digital receiver, and it works. All it
    needs is a minijack plug in the digital out connector for $5 at most and
    that's it. It is the same for the entire SB Live and Audigy(2) series. The
    cards output quite normal SPDIF without exception, through a different kind
    of connector.
    Uh... Riiight.

    First of all, the "net" didn't exist in the 70s, and second... Well, I don't
    really need to continue. :p

    Stop making an ass out of yourself and at least pretend to be grateful when
    people try to help you. If you're so fucking smart, how come you had to ask
    in the first place, huh? ;)
    Lenny, Apr 25, 2004

  7. Well a lot Smarter than you ..
    Woger MKII , Apr 25, 2004
  8. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    Well a lot Smarter than you ..

    Smarter? LOL, I'm not the one begging for help due to ineptness and
    incompetence when using common internet search engines... Dude, to be quite
    frank, you're completely clueless. You ask for help and then you get
    obnoxious when it's provided.

    You say the SPDIF out on Creative cards is "none standard", but you can't
    say how it comes this "none standard" output still works just fine with the
    right connector used. You lie and say you've used the internet since the
    70s; either you're just making shit up to try and sound important, or you're
    a senile, doddering idiot who can't tell fact from fiction. Simply put, you
    have no idea what the **** you're talking about.

    Congratulations! You managed to be unpleasant while proving your own
    stupidity at the same time! Bwaa haa haa, you've been owned, dumbass...

    Now, if you still need help, I'll try to provide it IF you ask NICELY. After
    all, I have used the net since 1994 or 95, so I know my way around.
    Lenny, Apr 25, 2004

  9. But that just makes you are teenager when compared to me, and I have used the
    net from the days it first started here in NZ, any the Audigy card in not mine
    but a friend that is using a Minidisk recorder.

    I found stacks of articles doing my none existent searches that the SPdif in
    the SBlive cards were not standard, like not being +/- 0.5 Volt and some
    quoting 9v, plus their is the 5V TTL version of SPdif..
    Woger MKII , Apr 26, 2004
  10. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    I'm not a teenager, even 'when compared to you'.
    Oh, so it's not since the 70s anymore? LOL, I don't see why anyone should
    believe a word you say by now, considering how your story changes over time.
    Except I actually USE my SPDIF out connector and have found it to be quite
    normal in the way it functions, so you should listen to the one with the
    experience and expertise (and that would be me by the way). There's nothing
    funny with the SPDIF output on Creative's cards. It's SPDIF, period, and it
    works just as one would expect to.
    Lenny, Apr 26, 2004

  11. Not from 99% of the search results that I got..
    Woger MKII , Apr 26, 2004
  12. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    Well I'm telling you I'm actually USING my SPDIF out, so if it's "none
    standard" how come it's working?

    You're talking outta your butt, pal. It works. Period.
    Lenny, Apr 26, 2004

  13. Into a Sony Minidisk Recorder..?
    Woger MKII , Apr 26, 2004
  14. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    Minidisc recorders are typically optical, so no, not into a minidisc
    recorder (duh).

    It will work into anything accepted coax SPDIF though since there's nothing
    funny with the signal the card outputs.
    Lenny, Apr 26, 2004

  15. That is what I was posting about..
    Woger MKII , Apr 27, 2004
  16. Woger  MKII

    Lenny Guest

    Which is why I gave you a link to a coax-to-optical converter, at which
    point you started all this nonsense about the SPDIF output being "none
    standard" (which it isn't).
    Lenny, Apr 27, 2004

  17. Never mind just utter Confusion again well I will make my own was given a
    TOSlink Adapter for my MoBo by Mistake will try and adapt that as I am a
    Electronic/Comp Eng, been at it for some 40 years or more and still at it,
    work that is..
    Woger MKII , Apr 27, 2004
  18. Woger  MKII

    Mark \(UK\) Guest

    Yep, 'standard spdif' interfaces expect a 5V amplitude stream, the Live uses
    0.5V. Most equipment will be sensitive enough to happily use the signal
    anyway, hence why it works with most digital receivers. You'd just have to
    hope that this is the case with an optical convertor box. Hoontech make a
    basic optical bracket for Live/Audigy which would provide a tidier solution.
    Mark \(UK\), Apr 28, 2004
  19. The Live! and the Audigy family have a tripole with 3 paralel tripoles for
    getting surround sound (5.1) through to their own speakers and some Denon
    receivers. However for recording to a mini-disc recorder an ordinary stereo
    cable will do as this will convey the front left and right channels.
    Mini-discs can't do more than stereo so it shouldna matter.

    Sharanga Dayananda, Jun 26, 2004
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