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Audio prob? AIW prob?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by pickle, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. pickle

    pickle Guest

    Hi folks,

    I apologize if this is long. I'm trying to be detailed.
    The crosspost may be relevent.

    I'm running Premiere 6.0 for both capturing and editing. I capture from
    an analogue video camera into an ATI All In Wonder 128 pro TV card. I
    use S-video for the video and the composite for the audio. The same
    setup I used a few years ago when I dabbled and it worked. Now it doesn't.

    I'm having a twofold problem that I believe are related. I think one fix
    will solve both of the following problems:

    The first problem is the audio. When I have my capture window up in
    Premiere and am playing my camera through the above setup, I can sit
    there watching the video play on the computer as I wait for my cue to
    hit record.
    At this point I can not hear the audio.
    As soon as I hit record the audio kicks in and I can hear it through the
    I finish recording my clip, save it, pull it into my project timeline
    and see both the video and audio tracks fall into the proper place.
    So far so good.

    When I play the clip there is no audio. Actually, let me clairfy.
    There is audio but it is so low I have to turn the amp all the way up
    to even just barely hear it. For all purposes, there is no audio
    although everything shows that audio should be there.

    The second problem is when I either preview my timeline or export it
    through TMPGenc. There is no video. I get a black screen. OTHER
    elements to the project are there. Photoshop TIFF files, other WAV
    files and the like. But my video clips are not showing.

    This is all on a WinXP machine and as far as I'm aware all drivers are
    current and correct.

    I could use some input on this.
    pickle, Nov 2, 2004
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  2. pickle

    DelawareDave Guest

    I have Premiere 6.5 - I'm not near my system - but I think whenever the
    camcorder is connected to the PC, the sound gets muted on the PC when you
    are scrubbing video on the timeline (I don't understand why). Try turning
    off camcorder.

    Not sure about the video problem - might again try turning off the

    I had a problem with Premiere 6.0 not rendering JPEGs - they would import,
    show on timeline, but not output - apparently a known/documented bug.

    Good luck.
    DelawareDave, Nov 2, 2004
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  3. pickle

    T Shadow Guest

    Can you capture through TV/MMC? What version MMC? What kind of sound card?
    The sound comes into the AIW and then is sent to the sound card through
    (usually) the Line In or Auxillary. Open up the sound card mixer and check
    the volume on this input. I'm guessing its off or low. Then check the
    recording setting to see what connection your recording from, should be the
    same as above, and its level.

    If your seeing the video its not likely to be a hardware problem. That
    leaves software, drivers and/or codecs.
    T Shadow, Nov 2, 2004
  4. pickle

    pickle Guest

    I used to be able to do that but now I can't. The TV window is up
    and I can watch the video in it but the controlls are greyed out. I can
    get into the setup, input selection and record button but everything
    else is greyed out.
    When I hit record, the little window that shows recording info never
    pops up. It doesn't record.
    This problem may well be related to the others I'm having.

    The windows mixer control shows all volume levels to be up.
    I cannot find a Soundblaster brand mixer. I remember an expanded
    Windows mixer and a rather nice Soundblaster mixer but I cannot seem to
    find them now. I cannot find the actual record level slider control.
    I wonder if something didn't get installed. Most likely in Windows or
    the sound card maybe.

    An additional note, I said I had this all hooked up and working a few
    years ago but that was on a Win98 machine. This time I have the same
    physical computer but with WinXP. I have visited the ATI website for my
    video driver update and the Soundblaster site for the updated drivers
    for the sound card. It's a Soundblaster MP3 5+ or something like that.
    I'll have to check on the MMC version.
    pickle, Nov 2, 2004
  5. pickle

    T Shadow Guest

    The missing Creative Mixer indicates you need to reinstall the sound card.

    Grayed out controls might indicate the ATI software thinks its receiving
    Macrovision. People have reported problems from this even from their own
    recordings. make sure you have good connections and try adjusting tracking
    on the camcorder. The XP drivers may be more sensitive to "Macrovision".

    I'd try reinstalling the ATI drivers/software too. If that doesn't work try
    the other version on the website.

    The ultimate test bed would be a dual boot setup.

    T Shadow, Nov 2, 2004
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