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Discussion in 'Motherboard General Discussion' started by paul_bkln, May 10, 2020.

  1. paul_bkln


    May 10, 2020
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    Hello, and thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions. This has to do with a PC based on an ASUS m'board running Windows 10.

    Although it may be slightly old-fashioned, for sound I have the PC's rear green connector plugged into Line In of a basic two-channel stereo receiver. PC audio is just fine. But I use the receiver's FM section also to listen to radio, and the PC connection is interfering with that; the radio volume drops sharply when the PC is plugged into the receiver. Sound on FM is fine when the receiver is not plugged into the PC, when the PC is plugged into the receiver but is shut down, and when the PC is starting up but before Windows 10 finishes loading. So my thinking is the problem could be associated with the sound driver, which is Realtek's, although I don't understand what is coming from the PC that is disrupting the FM section of the receiver. Any suggestions about what might be happening?
    paul_bkln, May 10, 2020
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