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Aus V8200T2 and VR Goggles in Winxp - Unable to Use :(

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Ben Nealon, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Ben Nealon

    Ben Nealon Guest

    i have got an Asus V8200 T2 graphics card and i am using it in windows xp.
    When i used the original drivers that i got with the card in win98 i could
    use my VR goggles with no problem! I have now upgraded to Winxp; if i
    install the drivers that come with the Card all of my logos and general
    appearance of the OS revert back to "Win98 style" - I then decided to put on
    the most upto date Asus Graphics drivers (V44.71c) and this has stopped the
    problem, The only Nag i have now is that i cant seem to use my Virtual
    Reality goggles in Winxp - I cant even get the ingame Asus OS Display up!
    (it is enabled in the settings),

    Any Ideas,

    Ben Nealon
    Ben Nealon, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. Ben

    Ditch the Asus drivers they stink!

    I have Asus Geforce 4 with stereo specks under Win XP

    goto www.Nvidia.com and download both the XP driver 45.23 and the Stereo
    Driver 45.23.

    Ensure ALL the bits of ASUS's drivers are deleated by using something like

    this Util is available from www.guru3d.com

    Install the Nvidia driver then stereo driver and one happy PC owner there
    will be.

    Currently playing IL2 Sturmovik - Forgotten battles with mine and it's

    Good luck

    Baron Von Black, Sep 5, 2003
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  3. Ben Nealon

    Ben Nealon Guest

    Thanxs for the help Baron,

    Ill give it a shot :) - rekon that my machine might run a bit faster?
    I.E better 3d mark score?

    Will i be able to use Smart Doctor still??

    Kind Regards,

    Ben Nealon, Sep 6, 2003
  4. Ben Nealon

    Ben Nealon Guest

    Baron another question!
    What is the stereo driver for?


    Ben Nealon, Sep 6, 2003
  5. Ben

    The stereo driver is the module to allow you to activate your VR goggles.

    Without it you have no goggles.

    Now - when it's all installed correctly

    goto your display properties

    click on the SETTINGS tab

    now click ADVANCED

    make sure "Apply the new display settings without restarting" is checked .

    click APPLY.

    Next bit

    Click GEFORCE tab

    now a box will pop up from the left.

    Look for the tab "STEREO PROPERTIES"

    select "enable stereo"

    goto to "setup & test"

    just work you way through remembering to set your settings

    Good luck!
    Baron Von Black, Sep 6, 2003
  6. Ben Nealon

    Ben Nealon Guest

    Thanxs for the help it is great - i have it working a treat. Now i am
    currently running windows xp with an LG Flatron 775FT (17 inch) monitor. Now
    when i pay any games i usually play them in 1024x768. When playing these
    games my montior always seems to put itself into a 60hz refesh rate. I know
    that the monitor can do a maximum of 85hz in this resolution as i have had
    it doing it in windows! I hate the way that xp decides to change the
    resolution for you! Is there anyway that this can be bypassed as if i
    remember rightly windows 98 always chose the best refresh rate whatever.

    Now i have found that if i can play a game in Direct3D not OpenGL (Unreal
    Tournament supports this) i can manually set the refreshrate using the
    nvidia drivers! But i cant seem to do this for OpenGL. This is a pain as
    most of my games are OpenGl and playing these with my favourite resolution
    and the VR Glases just hurts the eyes after 10 minutes! I play such games
    like Halflife , counterstrike, medal of honour etc....

    Do you know what i could do?

    I hope you can help me,

    Kind Regards,

    Ben Nealon
    Ben Nealon, Sep 6, 2003
  7. Sure can Ben

    On the setup screen for the goggles select a resolution and refresh rate you
    require. When your happy select "save settings"

    Do this for ALL your screen resolutions - a bit tedious I know - and get the
    desired result. That works for both D3D and OpenGL on my system!

    As for 2D resolutions like desktop.





    and set your Other refresh rates for desktop from there.

    Have fun

    Baron Von Black, Sep 7, 2003
  8. Ben Nealon

    Ben Nealon Guest

    I have got it to work on most games now like Wolfenstein enemy
    territory! - The only problem i am having now is half life and counterstrike
    keeps setting my monitor refresh rate to a stupid 60Hz, it doesnt matter
    what resolution i put it in or what settings i change with teh goggles. As i
    say i have got wolfenstein to work at 100hz in 800x600,

    Any Thoughts?

    Ben Nealon

    P.S - io have the latest hafl life and CS Patches installed!
    Ben Nealon, Sep 7, 2003
  9. Ben Nealon

    Ben Nealon Guest

    Thanxs for the help Baron - two more thoughts; i have got this to work now
    in games such as Wolfenstein enemy territory etc.... at a good refreshrate.
    Now the only game i havent got it to work in is the likes of Half Life and
    CS where they are still running at a painstaking 60Hz at any resolution! I
    am thinking that the game may be using the default resoltuion that windows
    sets. I have noticed that if i change my windows resolution from my usual
    1152x864 at 85hz to anything else it automatically defaults to 60hz unless i
    change it otherwise! It deosnt matter what i do i cannot ge anything else
    than 60hz in these games! I know windows 987 used to run these at the best
    refreshrate the monitor could do? do you rekonit is winXP playing stupid or
    being too clever? Is there any way around it (obviously i dont want win98
    back on!)

    Another quick question? what does the "Always Use Stereo Refresh rate" Mean?
    i have used it enabled and disabeld and i cant see much of a diffrerence!?

    Thanking you in advance,

    Ben Nealon

    P.S - i have the latest monitor drivers on as i thought this might have
    helped, but it doesnt!
    Ben Nealon, Sep 7, 2003
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