AV8 CPU Temperature sensors at least 20c too high (Load of JUNK)

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Frank, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Well I've done a few tests and have come to the conclusion that Abits cpu
    sensors on this AV8 3rd eye v1.1 board are at least 20c too high.

    Currently room temps shown by a thermometer are 18c, uguru shows them at 22c...
    okay we know there only approximate so no big deal, but it showed my cpu as
    being 40c as soon as it started... way too high, where finally after about
    10mins the cpu temp is showing 60c and that's at idle.

    This heatsink which is a very big ThermalTake silent boost 8 unit has been
    re-seated to the cpu 3 times, and its made no difference, on my previous board
    the cpu temps used to show around the 34c so what the hell is Abit playing at!

    I don't expect the temps to be super accurate as they are only an approximate
    guide anyway so no big deal, buts its no fun when the overheat alarms start
    going off in the middle of a game especially when you know the real temps are at
    least 20c less.

    ABits latest 17 bios is supposed to have fixed the problem, well it made no
    difference whatsoever! in fact I thought the temps were a fraction less on the
    bios 16.

    Another load of junk from ABit!


    Frank V
    Frank, Jan 6, 2005
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  2. Frank

    James Guest

    Your not alone matey... loads of users of this board are having probs with high
    cpu temperatures. Mine is currently showing the cpu at 65c and thats with
    nothing overclocked and I know its not the heatsink. I'm just using the standard
    h/sink that came with the cpu but this cpu and heatsink only shows 37/38c on my
    other board (an Asus) I've had to raise the cpu alarm settings otherwise its
    sounding off at the slightest thing. Its my first Abit board and its my last!

    James, Jan 6, 2005
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  3. Frank

    carl Guest

    Mine are pretty much spot on, the case temps matching a thermaltake hardcano
    12 thermal probes. That is with original bios.
    carl, Jan 6, 2005
  4. Frank

    marko Guest

    No, you're definitely not alone. I, too, took advantage of the
    TigerDirect rebate offer on the 3400+ and the AV8 combo deal... My mobo
    arrived cracked in the corner and tracings were visibly severed! Abit
    USA wanted to charge me $25 for RMA because of the physical damage. I
    was stunned and called TigerDirect and was pleased that they were
    willing to RMA exchange the mobo for me. Of course, shipping it back
    cost me $10. I was warned that it would take weeks for me to get the
    new one shipped unless I wanted to get charged for the replacement.
    With all those fantastic deals that DELL has been running lately I
    really regretted ever being tempted by homebuilding my box this time.
    One real hassle to homebuilding is the highly suspect quality control
    the motherboard makers have in place. I've haven't built many systems,
    but even I've had to RMA a number of DOA motherboards and RAM sticks.
    marko, Jan 7, 2005
  5. Airman Thunderbird, Jan 7, 2005
  6. Oh great!
    I bought the same deal from TigerDirect, but my mobo was backordered.
    It is supposed to be shipped in a few days. I'm keepeing my fingers
    Neroon [Succ], Jan 7, 2005
  7. Frank

    Spajky Guest

    High from were, you do not know even how your board is measuring the
    CPU temperature; I can tell you: its from CPU´s onDie diode !!!
    there have to be some setting inside the program (temp offset
    setting!) to clear the difference for that 4°C ! (also all other temps
    would be lower for that ammount!)
    normal for a 70W CPU ... /from CPU´s onDie diode
    normal for a 70W Cpu ... /from CPU´s onDie diode
    .... is enhancing their boards to show real inside CPU temps read from
    CPU´s onDie diode !!! (& not those under CPU in socket)
    yes those if would be measured from the socket sensor, but those from
    Cpu diode are way higher; rise the alarm treshold!
    Why do you care about temps, if the system is TL stable?
    Wanna get more explains?
    go to my site under comp/benches & follow the link about revealing
    temps ... you can get enlightened quite a lot about the matter! :))
    Spajky, Jan 7, 2005
  8. Frank

    John Lewis Guest

    As noted by me in another thread on this newsgroup (including the
    reasons):- Properly clear your CMOS, as per Abit's instructions,
    including DISCONNECTING ALL POWER to the PC for at least 30 seconds,
    and try again after manually re-loading all your BIOS settings. The
    CMOS must be fully cleared after ANY BIOS update/change !!
    ( And it is always wise to first clear CMOS, reload NIOS settings
    and check again anyway when inexplicable MB-hardware results
    appear. )

    If that does not succeed, completely dump the uGuru gimmick-code,
    clear CMOS again, reload BIOS settings and then check idle temps on
    the BIOS screen. Abit's uGuru software may be buggy/corrupted and is
    distorting temperature measurements via the OS, or (worse-still) is
    actively-corrupting CMOS contents.

    John Lewis.
    John Lewis, Jan 7, 2005
  9. Frank

    James Guest

    I have already been doing that
    Being fussy I suspect. Who do some show the temps okay and other not.
    I'm sure you will state its down to the intellect of the user. ;-))
    There are hundreds of users with similar experiences in the USA Abit forums.
    surely they are not all stupid.... oh ok I'll pass on that one eheheh.
    certainly... I'm game
    I did have a read on your site and found it a most interesting read. I am now
    retired but spent my life as a TV & Video repair technician so I do have a tiny
    bit of knowledge on the subject though most of it appears to be disappearing
    quickly due to my age.. LOL

    Lots of good suggestions made and taken note of.


    James, Jan 7, 2005
  10. Frank

    Spajky Guest

    no, sure not; but with such a fast development of features in computer
    industry, it is very hard to follow these days everydays changes &
    progress ...
    heh, I am "semi-retired" because of health reasons & trying to keep my
    mind fresh (also using pils with some Ginko -chineese root extract) &
    reading a lot too ...

    PS.: I´ve seen your next post how you resolved the high temps
    reporting problem; interesting ... may be that the new Bios switched
    temps reporting to MoBo sensor (from where also win software takes
    readings; could be (not just that program files-drivers) ... who know
    exactly ... (maybe Abit was "sick" of bothering because of high temps
    like Epox time ago); Bios reprogrames hardware monitor chip software
    too ../thru SMBus= i2c/ when reflashed & "corrects" reporting ...

    glad you solved the problem! :)
    Spajky, Jan 8, 2005
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