AV8 siren - not booting

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Hasj Pee, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Hasj Pee

    Hasj Pee Guest


    I have got a brand new ABIT AV8 mobo with a 3000+ amd 64 winchester CPU and
    512MB DDR from APACER.

    When it boots, I get no screen. I get, after a few seconds, a sound that is
    like a siren.

    Everythings seems to be connected the right way.

    I have cleared CMOS. Other suggestions?


    Hasj Pee
    Hasj Pee, Mar 12, 2005
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  2. Hasj Pee

    Wes Newell Guest

    Lot's of people having problems with the AV8 and Winchesters. Something
    about you need a newer bios. The siren sounds like an overheating alarm
    which might be true and might be bogus. Search back through the group for
    Wes Newell, Mar 12, 2005
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  3. Hasj Pee

    Hasj Pee Guest

    Thank you, but I am not sure the searching back brought the correct answer.

    I need a Newcastle core?

    Kind regards,

    Hasj Pee
    Hasj Pee, Mar 13, 2005
  4. Hasj Pee

    Wes Newell Guest

    No. You need a later bios. But that's catch 22 if you can't boot it with
    the bios you have now, how can you flash a newer one. :) Try getting a
    new bios from Abit. And I sure as hell wouldn't pay for it. I'd RMA the
    board a hundred times first.
    Wes Newell, Mar 13, 2005
  5. Hasj Pee

    Hasj Pee Guest


    Thank you!

    Of course I will not pay for that, I am not crazy :)

    I'll RMA the whole thing or ask a newcastle core cpu from my dealer and
    flash mysleft!

    Thanks again!

    Kind regards,

    Hasj Pee
    Hasj Pee, Mar 13, 2005
  6. Hasj Pee


    Mar 13, 2010
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    ABIT AV8: two-tone siren, Code 90 - SOLUTION

    STUPID ABIT - does not explain what causes the two-tone siren.
    Manual is poorly written and web site is useless.

    - two-tone siren points to overheating, temperature sensors, voltage out of range ...
    this is what people would focus on...

    I read 100s of posts: people spent days (like myself), changed PS, CPU, flushed BIOS etc. etc. ....

    Here is what my problem was in the end:

    - I tried adding memory before I got to that. I notices someplace in the manual that after reconfiguring memory CMOS settings have to be reset, or ...

    Well - just change the jumper setting (w/ power off) to reset 1-2 and back to 2-3.
    And you will be in business.... siren will disappear and it will boot. The rest ... you are on your own...

    Good luck, and I hope I have helped someone who like me spent days trying to figure it out.
    vojin, Mar 13, 2010
  7. Hasj Pee


    Oct 25, 2010
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    Thanks you for the post.
    kellyj994, Oct 25, 2010
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