Availability of 32bit XP Processors in the UK

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Stone Free, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Stone Free

    Stone Free Guest

    I wasn't thinking of upgrading my PC this year, but yesterday my brother
    contact me to tell me his PC had crash whilst he was removing a virus and
    since he turned it back on the PC wont start, with no signal whatsoever
    going to the monitor. He tried putting back his old NVidia Ti200 card
    but it still wouldn't boot.

    His friend apparently came round and the tried an old TBird athlon, and
    computer then started up. They tried his old chip in his friends PC, and
    that would not boot.

    My brother then phoned me this morning and asked me to look up on the
    internet the highest XP chip that would go in his motherboard, which is a
    166Mhz XP2600+.

    When I went to look at pc shop sites (here in the UK) there were not many
    32 Bit XP chips available. Some only had XP2800+s and some only XP3000

    I have an Asus A7VN8X Deluxe and so I could put in an XP3200. The
    is Komplett at £85 inc VAT this week only.

    Does anyone know what the availablity of the 32 bit chips is, have AMD
    finished making them? Is now my last chance to upgrade my PC with its
    present motherboard?

    Stone Free, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. Stone Free

    Chris Catt Guest

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