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Avivo High Definition Video encodeing this possible ??

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Alyssa, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Alyssa

    Alyssa Guest

    I want to encode my 1080i .mpg files to Microsoft HD .WMV files. Can i
    do this with Avivo. Would like to use WMV Encoder to do this. Anyone
    realeased a patch that will enable this.

    Or can i do this with the 1.2. This is the one iam talking about. ATI
    Avivo Video Converter v1.12.


    It says it can encode files 5 times faster. if it does what i want. It
    will tip the balance and ill get an ATI c ard for my NEW pc. I dont
    think an Nvidia card has nothing that can do anything like hardware
    encodeing ?

    Thanks for any info. Ill keep googleing.
    Alyssa, Jan 1, 2006
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