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AVR uisp and STK500 Firmware version

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Ross K, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Ross K

    Ross K Guest

    I'm thinking if you use the UISP programmer with the STK500 board for AVR
    programming, you may have run into this already (I hope!!)

    I've been programming AVR devices with good success using uisp from unix
    (macOSX flavour) and using the STK500 with no problems. Unfortunately,
    I made the mistake of briefly using a PC with AVR-Studio on it, and it
    re-programmed my STK500 with updated firmware ( I think it went to 2.0a or
    something like that).

    The result is now, returning to my normal setup, the STK500 won't respond
    at all to my uisp programming. HELP! This is a serious setback for me,
    as I really don't want to switch to AVR Studio when I've got a good thing

    a) is there any way to revert to an earlier firmware version in the STK500
    b) is there a switch for uisp to make it understand the STK500 again?

    In my googling on the topic, I was only able to find one brief mention of
    this happening to someone back in Jan 2003 - and nothing else. Surely
    others have dealt with it and (hopefully) gotten through it already.

    I'm using uisp version 20040311.


    Ross K, Feb 22, 2005
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  2. Ross K

    Rich Webb Guest

    I think that I recall seeing a method of "forcing" a firmware revision
    onto an AVRISP. Perhaps the same technique would work with the STK500?
    I don't have a link handy so you may need to search for it.

    One place to look (that I seem to recall had a discusson on this) was
    the Imagecraft compiler mailing list. There is an archive at
    Rich Webb, Feb 22, 2005
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  3. Ross K

    Nayanip Guest

    Hello Ross

    You can down grade the stk500 firmware by connecting it to an olde
    version of studio, which means you must download older studio
    install it and then try to programme using the stk500, when you wil
    be prompted with a message. I had done it more than once and it work

    Nayanip, Feb 25, 2005
  4. Ross K

    RossG Guest

    Thanks for the info, Nayani! That did work for me, and I'm back in
    operation. Thanks for that. I wasn't sure if 3.56 would work for me, or
    if my board was originally older than that.

    Interestingly, I tried Archive.org where their "wayback machine" keeps
    images of old websites. But alas, even though I could see old ATMEL sites
    mentioning really old versions of studio, the executables were not
    archived. Also interestingly I did find some polish site that had
    archived the full Atmel website (Tools included) and was able to install
    several old versions of AVR Studio. It was fun and entertaining to see
    how the tool has progressed, but (more boringly) the version 3.56 was what
    I needed it appears.

    Thanks again,


    olderversion of studio, which means you must download older studio,install
    it and then try to programme using the stk500, when you willbe prompted
    with a message. I had done it more than once and it works8) Nayani P
    RossG, Feb 26, 2005
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