AW8-MAX + Thermalright SI-120 - any tips from anybody ?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by shopping, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. shopping

    shopping Guest

    Before i undertake my first socket 775 installation - any tips on fitting a
    SI-120 ?

    I have the kit to from them which seems to add the old style 478 cage
    on the top of the board so the heatsink can fit

    1) Any tips on orientation of the heatsink or will it be obvious ?

    2) It came with a 478 style cage as well , not sure why though

    3) Has its own thermal paste included but i'll prob use some artic paste

    shopping, Dec 27, 2005
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  2. shopping

    Bill Guest

    Perhaps following the supplied instructions might help.

    Bill, Dec 28, 2005
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  3. shopping

    shopping Guest

    your a funny man !

    thanks for that helpful suggestion
    shopping, Dec 28, 2005
  4. shopping

    Bill Guest


    If you would have followed my suggestion you would have found out the
    SI-120 isn't designed to be used on Socket 775.

    Bill, Dec 28, 2005
  5. shopping

    shopping Guest

    "The Thermalright SI-120 is designed to offer top notch performance for all
    Intel P4 CPU's including socket 775 versions (customized LGA775 RM required)
    and AMD K8 CPU's known to exist at this time!"

    i have the LGA775 RM as i said

    learn to read m8 and stay off the beer

    i was asking for any tips on an install before i start from the "experts"

    feel free to apologise anytime

    shopping, Dec 30, 2005
  6. shopping

    Bill Guest

    Maybe you should read spec pages and and not news releases.

    No mention there of Socket 775, your news announcement says customized
    LGA775 RM, which can't be found elswhere in conjunction with the SI-

    It appears your readings skills lack a bit. Plus you seem to have a
    naive trust in what marketing dweebs print. It will not serve you well.

    Since you have had no other replies in how to attatch an SI-120 to a
    Socket 775 chip, it seems nobody has done so.

    But feel free to break out your gas welder, superglue, and duct tape.
    I'm sure you can cobble something together that won't drop off until
    the second hour of operation.

    How do you like the apology so far?


    Bill, Dec 30, 2005
  7. shopping

    shopping Guest

    well HAND if your right , well done

    but there may be more to this than meets the eye

    so somebody is using it on the optional LGA775RM
    which according to you doesnt work with the SI-120

    and lets see

    and thermalright disagree with you as well

    so lets see who is right ?

    anyway its your abrupt manner that started this
    but as its Christmas , i forgive you

    now , what was the original question . . .
    shopping, Dec 30, 2005
  8. shopping

    Bill Guest

    You never said you had the LGA775rm in your original post.
    You said, "I have the kit to from them which seems to add the old style
    478 cage on the top of the board so the heatsink can fit."

    Which to me says you have the SI-120 and are wondering about the AMD K8
    adapter that comes with it which looks like the socket 478 mount.

    I said that that the SI-120 <and that mount > was not designed for the
    socket 775.

    Not until your third post do you mention having an LGA775RM < which
    told me nothing at the time, not knowing what an LGA775RM was > nor
    does the url you quoted:

    say what it is or where you can get it. And the way they use
    'customized' suggests they modified it to enable it to be used on a
    socket 775.
    So they came up with a different mount that adapts it to the socket
    775 MB. Shame they didn't mention that on the spec page or in the
    instructions. I don't see where their failure to do so neseccitates an
    apology from me though.

    The article does show that it can be mounted. I never said it
    couldn't, I said it wasn't designed for that socket.
    They've designed an add on mount to adapt it to that socket.
    You can put a Triumph engine in a Norton frame, but that doesn't mean
    it was designed for it.

    If you've read the instructions for the mount and read the article what
    more do you need?
    What ever you decide.
    You call that abrupt!? I would think brusque or curt would be more
    Well since you asked...

    You already know how to mount it, as per the article, so what you want
    to watch out for is clearances in the case. How close does it come to
    any other hardware? You also want to make sure there's adequate room
    between the case side and the fan, too close and the fan will have
    trouble drawing air. Same effect as mounting a ceiling fan too close to
    the ceiling.

    Something else to consider, while not especially heavy the HS is tall.
    Add a 120mm fan to that and you can generate a lot of torque on the
    mounting system. I'd be worried about breaking the HSF assembly off the
    board and dropping it down onto the video card in a machine that gets
    moved around a lot.

    And when you get it all done and working post back with a synopsis of
    your trials and tribulations, because then you will be the expert.

    Happy New Year,

    Bill, Dec 31, 2005
  9. shopping

    shopping Guest

    well , your wrong - its obvious i meant a seperate item

    do i have to spell everything out to you ?

    hand - hardly curt , more trailer trash yankee talk

    you must be american to write like a jerry springer wannabee

    and i'm allowed to ask a question without
    you ruining a thread

    you have an arrogant streak a mile long

    lets hope you got a brain for christmas along
    with some manners

    matter closed
    shopping, Dec 31, 2005
  10. shopping

    Bill Guest

    Uhhuh, you were clear as mud.
    Might as well, nobody gets issued a crystal ball to read minds.
    Even ones as simple as yours.
    I was only trying to communicate with you on your level.
    Sorry I overestimated your capabilities.
    Is Jerry Springer one of your heros? He appears near and dear to you
    since you think other people aspire to be him.
    Yes you are.
    You a ascribe to me power which I do not possess.
    I bet you attribute that to everyone that has more knowledge about any
    given subject than you do. It's easy to see where your feelings of
    inferiority come from.
    Why thank you. One should aways strive to improve.
    Try it yourself sometime.
    Yes it is. I hope all those answers you got helped.


    Bill, Dec 31, 2005
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