Award BIOS bug? AV49N mobo - AGP mode is goofy

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by zaius, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. zaius

    zaius Guest

    I have an AV49N mobo. With both the AV49S00L and AV49S00Q BIOSes, the AGP
    apeture is bizzarre. Bo into BIOS and press Enter when on Aperture Size. I
    256 [ ]
    128 [ ]
    64 [.]
    32 [ ]
    16 [ ]
    8 [ ]
    4 [ ]
    AGP Mode [ ]
    1 [.] [ ]

    And there is no separate setting for AGP Mode! There should be no reason for
    AGP Mode to be an option in aperture size. AGP Mode should be a separate
    setting. Does anyone else have this problem with this BIOS? If so, it looks
    like Phoenix needs to fix this, and it may explain some of the bizzare
    crash-to-desktop problems I and everyone else has been having with 8x AGP cards.

    Take a look if you have AWARD BIOS!



    PS: I swapped a new replacement AV49N mobo and had the same problem with both
    the L and Q BIOS releases!

    Life is too stupid to always act smart.
    zaius, Sep 8, 2003
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