Award Winning Service My Ass

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by PatH, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. PatH

    PatH Guest

    What kind of award did they win? and when? twenty years ago? I have been
    totally shafted by Tyan refusing to support me on TWO bad 2466N boards. The
    first one, they simply would not reply to pleas for help. I stupidly bought
    another one to replace it. The second one, I exchanged emails with a very
    nice tech who thought the board sounded bad, sent me the papers to request
    an RMA number. The RMA people refused to respond to either the FAXed form I
    was instructed to send or the subsequent emails. Finally, in frustration, I
    sent the board without the RMA number. They returned it.

    Has ANYONE out there gotten any help from these people? I now have TWO
    defective 2466N's sitting here and can't get a bit of help from TYAN.
    Needless to say, I am not happy!
    PatH, Mar 29, 2005
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  2. PatH

    Dan Brow Guest

    I've sold over 100 tyan boards in the last 5 years and only three were
    ever bad, all of them trinity 400, one DOA and the other two had fried
    chipset, one I sent back DOA, one under warranty and the other I forgot
    too ship it and missed out on warranty. I've never had issue with Tyan's
    warranty, not that I've had to use it much. One thing I'll never do is
    buy a used tyan board with out receipt and one off ebay. They state on
    their website they don't warranty surplus/auction or OEM bought boards.

    So I guess the question you should answer yourself is.

    Is the board still under warranty?
    Do I have the original receipt?
    Am I being an Ass when sending e-mails to Tyan RMA depo?

    Tyan makes some of the best boards on the market. They also cost a lot
    more, but not as much as Supermicro. Your getting what you pay for.

    Also maybe you should ask people here if they can help with your problem.

    My $0.02,
    Dan Brow, Mar 29, 2005
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  3. PatH

    PatH Guest

    I bought the boards new, I still have the reciepts. I have been polite but
    am getting really tired of the "ignore them and they will go away" routine.
    I have tried to call to speak to someone but no one answers the telephone,
    not the front desk, not the presales line, not the tech line. As for the
    RMA department, I simply faxed the requested papers and received NO reply.
    I emailed to ask whether the FAX had been received, again NO reply, twice!

    I have used Tyan boards exclusively for the past eight years both in the
    machines for my home business and in servers for the company I work for. On
    the two occasions I strayed from Tyan boards, I regretted it. Now, when I
    need service, I find there is none. I am VERY disappointed. I don't have
    the kind of budget that allows me to drop $300 boards in the trash, and yes
    they are still under warranty, for all the good that has done.

    PatH, Mar 29, 2005
  4. PatH

    Dan Brow Guest

    Not much I or any one can do for you on the list. Sending e-mail to
    pre-sales is pointless.

    Send an e-mail to tech support explaining the problem, you should get an
    automated response from Tyan, then in a few days you should get a response
    from a tech, try it from a different e-mail account. I personally found
    calling them pointless, since it's long distance and you can be on hold
    for 30 minutes, a lot of computer manufactures are hard to get a hold.

    By the way what are the problems your having with these boards?

    Dan Brow, Mar 29, 2005
  5. PatH

    PatH Guest

    One of them simply will not start up any more, seems to be a video issue but
    I have tried multiple cards, including both AGP and PCI cards. Can't get a
    glimmer or even a beep on post but the board has power. The second one, the
    one the tech said I could return for repairs, had both IDE ports fail.

    Sounds like a gentleman in anothe post is having trouble with his SATA
    drives not being seen and Tyan tech support's solution to the problem is to
    essentially call him a liar. Been there, experienced that. Seems to me
    that if a customer says his board won't work and that board is under
    warranty and tech support cannot find a solution by email or over the
    telephone, it should be incumbent upon Tyan to have the board sent in for
    analysis and repair. As a customer, I don't take my computers apart and have
    them down for fun. I just want them to work Considering that Tyan produces
    some of the priciest boards in this business, I don't think it is asking too
    much for Tyan to support those boards as promised. Their reputation is
    beginning to suffer from these very bad policies. A happy customer will ten
    people, an angry one will tell a hundred. On the internet, that unhappy
    customer can tell tens of thousands!

    PatH, Mar 29, 2005
  6. PatH

    Eric Guest

    That sounds very similar to a problem I experienced with an MSI board. It
    turned out to be a bad processor. Have you tried a different CPU?

    Eric, Mar 29, 2005
  7. PatH

    PatH Guest

    Yup, Tried several different processors that worked in other machines,
    several memory modules, a couple of video cards. Won't fly!
    PatH, Mar 30, 2005
  8. PatH

    PatH Guest

    PS. I would be satisfied if they would just give me the RMA number on the
    board the tech acknowledged needed to be looked at. Question: Does anyone
    know of a manufacturer of a quality board that actually thinks their
    customers might be of some value? After all these years, I am seriously
    thinking of dumping Tyan - they have clearly dumped me.
    PatH, Mar 30, 2005
  9. PatH

    Eric Guest

    Have you checked/changed the power supply? You can take a digital volt
    meter and backprobe the ATX connector while the board is powered up to check
    the voltages. There are also commercial power supply testers available
    though I'm not familiar with them so I don't know if they perform any
    additional checks.

    Eric, Mar 30, 2005
  10. PatH

    pjp Guest

    May I suggest whatever you decide to do, to also actually write someone
    high-up in the company a REAL physical letter, e.g. snail mail.

    I wasn't happy with a product once as it was going to take an appreciable
    period of time before they could replace my defective one. Not extending the
    warranty period po'd me enough to write their Director of Customer Relations
    (or whatever). Next week got a phone call with an offer to replace said
    defective product with their top-of-the-line product instead as an apology.
    He also didn't think it right to have to wait so long for what I'd bought to
    be replaced as it was going to be even longer than originally stated. He
    also extended the warranty to twice it's original length. Unit arrived
    following week.

    As they didn't want old unit back, fixed that myself also. Both have worked
    fine ever since :)
    pjp, Mar 30, 2005
  11. PatH

    PatH Guest

    Yup, tried two other known good (one new) power supplies. The processor
    fans come on, so I know the board is getting power.

    I like the idea of writing a top official. That is why I tried for days to
    get through to at least the front desk - to get a name. Even tried calling
    the Headquarters in Taiwan, but couldn't get through the Chinese answering
    machine! I will continue to pursue that avenue as it looks like the only
    hope remaining.
    PatH, Mar 30, 2005
  12. PatH

    Paul Murphy Guest

    You liked the idea of writing to a top official so attempted to phone the
    company? Surely the snail mail address for your "local" Tyan base is on
    their website? Personally I've had lots of dealings with Tyan in Germany (I
    live in the UK and have a S2460 - yes the model that has ATX connector
    burning problems) and each time RMAs have been handled quickly although I've
    always chased them up all the way - eg phone them on the day the defective
    board is expected to arrive and ask for a progress update and if necessary a
    courier tracking number for the replacement. My latest motherboard
    replacement is due to arrive this morning (this will be the third I've had)
    and the RMA was handled faster than my other RMA for a Tagan PSU which left
    on the same day as the defective motherboard to go to Scan Computers (within
    the UK).

    I've recently had poor service from a French software company so sent a
    snail mail letter (with a copy of an email which had been repeatedly
    ignored - with send dates) to the CEO (who is also the chairman and founder
    of the company). If this guy doesn't care and do something to fix things,
    then I'll eat my hat!

    Paul Murphy, Mar 30, 2005
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