AX45-8XN is slow

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by FLobresco, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. FLobresco

    FLobresco Guest

    Anyone have the AX45-8XN board?
    Mine has never been as fast as I thought.
    Running Windows 2000 Pro w/ Service Pack 4.
    I have a Western Digital 60gig w/8mb cach.
    2.4g Pentium 4.
    1gig of DDR2100 memory.
    64mb Radeon AGP4.

    I have loaded all the latest drivers from Aopen.

    What else can I do?

    My previous system had a Duron 800 and this new
    system is barely faster.
    FLobresco, Jul 31, 2003
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  2. FLobresco

    Dave Guest

    Slow at what? Gaming? Booting? Compiling?
    Dave, Jul 31, 2003
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