Background apps that may access open files?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by AES, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. AES

    AES Guest

    Are there any system apps or other background apps that may in some
    fashion intermittently access an open doc in Panther, making it seem to
    its parent app to be "In use"?

    Reason for asking is the following: I'm running an older (but good!)
    Mac implementation of TeX called Textures in Classic under Panther.
    Textures has a near-WYSIWYG mode of operation in which the instant you
    hit a keystroke to edit your TeX source file ("myFile.tex") as seen in
    the edit window, Textures instantly starts re-TeXing the modified source
    file and redisplaying the typeset output in its display window.

    If you're also using the LaTeX macro package, as I am, this means that
    Textures, in addition to continually re-TeXing the main source file, is
    also continually writing to and reading from an auxiliary file it
    creates ("myFile.aux"). The resulting problem is (as noted in an
    earlier post) that as I edit along in the source file I intermittently
    and randomly get a TeX (i.e., Khuthian) error message which says

    "I'm having trouble with "myFile.aux" (in use)"

    Clicking OK to the error message sends it away and allows editing and
    typesetting to continue with no apparent damage; but it often reappears
    two or three times in a row.

    It's been suggested that Spotlight indexing in the background may cause
    this effect in Tiger, but I'm still in 10.3.9. What other apps might
    have a similar effect in Panther? Any simple way to monitor what might
    be the cause?
    AES, Aug 26, 2005
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