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backing up windows XP tablet PC edition.

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by scerab, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. scerab

    scerab Guest

    I bought a refurbished Fujitsu lifebook and it came with an original windows
    XP tablet pc edition, but no CDs however. I have the key code. I want to
    formant the machine. how can I do so if I have no windows CDs?
    is there a way to back up my windows?
    thanks in advance
    scerab, Feb 18, 2010
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  2. scerab

    Jaime Guest

    You will need the CD's to reinstall XP, so formatting it isn't the only

    If you are installing a new OS, then you can use that CD to format the

    Otherwise, write to Fujitsu and see if they will sell you install disks or
    try to find a cheap set online (legality may be questionable).
    Jaime, Feb 18, 2010
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  3. scerab

    scerab Guest

    so what your saying is there is no way i can back up the windows on my
    can I like download windows XP tablet PC edition from Microsoft, I have my
    key code.
    I downloaded all the drivers from the manufactures website.
    scerab, Feb 19, 2010
  4. scerab

    Jaime Guest

    Yes, you could make an image of your computer (to an external drive for
    instance) or clone it to another drive for emergency disaster recovery. You
    can use that later to put the system back on the computer, but that is not
    the same as reinstalling Windows. You would just be making a exact copy of
    the system as it is at the time of the imaging, so if you reformatted the
    drive and then used that image to put the system back, it would be exactly
    as it was before the reformat (more or less).

    You need actual setup/install discs to reinstall the OS.

    If you have a Technet or some other subscription with MS, you can download
    the OS, otherwise no it can't be downloaded.

    Have you checked with Fujitsu to see if the recovery discs are available.

    Have you checked online? I did a quick search on ebay and saw someone was
    selling Fujitsu recovery disks, not sure if it's the same lifebook.
    Jaime, Feb 19, 2010
  5. Since you have an OEM installation of Windows, the manufacturer of the
    tablet is responsible for support and CDs, not Microsoft.
    Generally, the manufacturer includes some kind of utility that allows
    you to make a recovery disk. If the system was reformatted and
    installed with a plain installation, you might have lost this option.
    Fujistu should be able to sell you replacement disks for installation
    in this case.
    Steve Jain [MVP], Feb 19, 2010

  6. Check to see if there is a Restore partition on your machine?
    E.g. either Run... diskmgmt.msc or in an elevated cmd window enter:

    fsutil fsinfo drives

    FWIW in my HP tablet (W7) there is a .wim file in its Restore partition
    and there is a magic keyboard shortcut available to use it.

    That's with W7 but I imagine that XP probably has something similar or OEM's
    have created something analogous...


    (BING search for
    fujitsu recovery XP lifebook

    So this would be equivalent to doing a reformat and recovering from the
    stored image. If you have other files that you want to keep you would have
    to preserve them somewhere else, since I suspect this procedure wouldn't
    even respect any other partitioning you might have done...


    (BING search for
    fujitsu recovery XP lifebook partition

    QED. ; )


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Feb 19, 2010
  7. Yes.
    But this obviously is not what the OP has in mind when he is talking of
    "format the machine".

    This would just be a snapshot of the situation given right in the
    moment. And therefore the image would just contain all of the
    irregularities which have grown over the years {siiigh}

    Rainald Taesler, Feb 20, 2010
  8. Right, they *SHOULD*!
    Most probably they won't be able to fulfill that, however.

    I have been following the discussions in this NewsGroup for quite some
    The undoubted No. 1 issue has been the lack of OS-media (especially
    since second-hand TabletPCs appeared on eBay).

    In only too many cases the hardware manufacturers were unable
    (unwilling??) to hand out the needed OS-CDs.

    Whereas Gateway was the worst example (well noted for future buying
    <!>), HP for a very long time was able and willing to provide the media
    for a nominal fee (I can't say how the situation might be meanwhile).

    I can not remember exactly for FJS, but I seem to remember that it's
    been reported by desperate users that they declared being "sold out" a
    longer while ago.

    Anyway, it would be worth a try to approach FJS (escalating the case as
    high as any possible).
    For the OP this would be the first thing to try.

    Rainald Taesler, Feb 20, 2010
  9. Yes, first thing to do!

    It is a most popular construction nowadays not to hand out OS-media but
    put things on the HDD and let the user create the media himself (IMHO a
    serious regression and a bad outcome of "the do-it-yourself" ideology

    I seriously doubt, however, that this might have been the case already
    when the TabletPC in question appeared on the market. TabletPCs were a
    high-end product these days and clients who could afford to buy such
    "luxury" device were treated as upper-class clients.
    My HP/COMPAQ tc1100, f.e., came with a full set if almost a dozen CDs
    NO, this is not a feature of the *OS*.
    It's just the manufacturer's way of doing things!

    And there's huge differences between the different product lines and
    especially the *levels* of the products. He who buys a Mercedes -Benz, a
    Jaguar or a Porsche has to be handled different and be given more
    incentives than the one who buys a Mazda Pickup <bg>.

    As you speak of HP:
    Two weeks ago I got my dc7900 (high-end Business Desktop).
    It was sold for Vista Business with XP downgrade, had XP SP3
    pre-installed and came with "Recovery Plus!" DVD-sets for XP and Vista
    plus DVDs/CDs for additional software (8 disks altogether) - not to
    mention the option for a Win7 upgrade (I got Win7 Ultimate for the
    nominal fee if some 30 € ;-) )
    No need to create the OS-media from some "*.wim" on some (hidden)
    "Recovery Partition").

    An ashtray in a Rolls Royce per default has to be significantly
    different from what the "plebs" will get ...

    All in all:
    I doubt that the FJS TabletPC in question would have come with a
    do-it-yourself recovery-disk solution.

    P.S. The links you posted unfortunately do not lead to any solution
    :-( :-(
    Rainald Taesler, Feb 20, 2010
  10. RightyRight!
    It's just the same as it has *always* been:
    An installed OS can not be backuped as such.
    One can backup data and one can create images.
    But a "recovery" (playback) would just re-create the state given at the
    time of the backup.
    And AFAICS that would not be of any use for you (there seems to be
    reasons why you want to "reformat").
    Operating Systems never ever have been available for "public" download
    (different with "Partners" of MS like the subscribers of MSDN).
    That's good. ;-)
    But this won't give you the needed OS :-( :-(

    The only things you can do:
    (a) Contact FJS and ask them if they might still have the Recovery-CDs
    for your device on stock;
    (b) carefully watch on eBay for offers of "Win XP TabletPC edition" for
    a longer period;

    Should that fail, drop me a mail:
    taesler [at] web [dot] de

    I'll then take care of you.

    Rainald Taesler, Feb 20, 2010
  11. scerab

    Jaime Guest

    Do you bother reading more that the first line of my post?

    That is what I said.
    Jaime, Feb 20, 2010
  12. They were both meant only to be justifications of the assertions I was
    making--the context of which you snipped. ; }
    Robert Aldwinckle, Feb 21, 2010
  13. scerab

    metronid Guest

    I see a seller on ebay

    seller name ----hoped4983

    Has email

    Member since: Dec-03-09 in United States

    He has sold over 300 key codes at prices from 9.99 to about 24.99

    How is this possible

    Windows 7 Premium and Ultimate




    Past sales



    What is going on
    metronid, Mar 4, 2010
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