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Bad default TV settings in CCC

Discussion in 'ATI' started by testeur, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. testeur

    testeur Guest

    I recently changed my mainbord and graphic card (from ATI 8500DV to ATI HD4770) and now the défault
    screen on the secondary display (standard analogic TV) is not correct. I have try all configurations
    in CCC (Video Mode, Automatic parameters, ...) and all resolutions from 720*576 to 1024*768, but
    there is always two large black zones on top and bottom of the screen.
    (Try different versions of display driver and CCC, included the last one 10.1)

    I have to adjust manualy the setting of the TV in CCC (size and position of the screen).
    Like this, I can get a correct screen format in Theater Mode to view DVD in full screen.
    But these parameters are never saved in created profiles, and each time I do Apply or close CCC, the
    TV revert to bad defaults.
    I must redo all adjustments after closing CCC or restating my PC.

    I look in the saved profiles and in Register data base, and I cannot find any parameter related to
    TV screen format and position.

    The problem is very annoying, as my TV is not close to my PC and it takes me about 15 mn to get the
    correct parameters each time.

    Any help to solve this problem is welcome.

    testeur, Feb 5, 2010
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  2. testeur

    mm Guest

    I didn't have any problem with the tv when using the ATI Radeon 7000
    that people here recommened to me**. See second footnote***.

    The only thing I can suggest is getting a little tv, putting it in the
    room with the computer, and running the signal to both tvs, even if
    you have to run the wire down the hall for a few days or weeks.

    Don't trip. Or run it over the tops of doors. You can use a tall
    thumb tack to keep it from falling off.

    **OT for you. I did have trouble with the monitor. The picture on
    the monitor had a 1" black bar on the top and bottom, and a half-inch
    bar on the sides of the 17" monitor. And the icons on the desktop
    were visibly squashed, vertically. CCC or ATI Help has in win98
    especially (though I was using winXP most of the time) emphasized this
    problem, and said I had to use the monitor display controls to adjust
    the size and location. Unfortunately, when I tried to enlarge the
    picture, all I could do was move the picture.

    ***Hey this might help you. I was using the Detailed or Advanced
    controls screen. It seemed to me that's what I needed. But after a
    while I switched to Basic, and about that timee, the problem went
    away. I wasn't looking, I guess, but I know I hadn't gotten past the
    first, or maybe the second, Basic screen, out of five. I later had
    to fiddle with the advanced controls a bit to undo what I had done to
    the monitor picture earlier, but running in Basic was what fixed it.

    (I had started in BAsic in Win98, then went to Advanced. In WinXP, I
    just did Advanced from the start. Maybe that was my mistake. I had
    thought they were pretty much the same thing, like Install and Custom
    Install, which usually have few differences, but I wouldn't put it
    that way anymore.)
    mm, Feb 8, 2010
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