Barton 2500 & AN7 very very very slow . . . . ..

Discussion in 'Abit' started by K.Leth, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. K.Leth

    K.Leth Guest

    I recently build at system based on the AN7 board.
    My config is:
    Abit AN7 rev.1.0 (AN7 BIOS 14, bios is set to optimal/fast and CPU
    interface is enabled)
    DaneElec PC3200 kit (2x256 for Dual channel).
    Seagate 7200.7 SATA, 8Mb cache, 160Gb. (NTFS partioned in 40G,4K,win2k
    and 120G,16K,pagefile ect.).
    Sony DVD-rom drive, on IDE0.
    HighTech Radeon 9600, 128Mb.
    Amd Barton 2500, stepping 0 (Reported by WCPUID).
    Windows 2000 professional, sp4. (Registry hacks for large system cache
    and large l2 cache, but first after I found my system slow).

    SiliconImage 3112A SATA Driver, Revision
    Forceware 3.13.
    CATALYST Windows 2000 4.2.

    I don't know why my system seems soooooooo slow - And thats compared
    to my old Celeron [email protected]
    Bios reports ram as PC3200 dualchannel and everything seems fine at
    WCPUID reports 1833MHZ on both cpu core and cache and CPU almost never
    reaches more than 10-15 percent in average and has not yet passed 40C.
    The system has seemed slow from the very beginning (during install)
    and it hasn't helped to reinstall, update drivers nor tweaking
    I've also tried to switch memory banks to enable/disable Dualchannel.

    What have I fouled up or what am I missing ?

    Best regards

    K.Leth, Feb 27, 2004
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  2. Hi,
    I had a look at your spec and I don't see anything obviously wrong. I
    didn't use any forceware drivers, just the ones that came on the CD. I
    don't think the 3.13 drivers are for the AN7, as it has the ALC658 soundchip
    (not the ALC650 like the NF7-S), but I heard some people have chopped bits
    from different driver sets to make the 3.13's work.

    I never heard of your Memory brand before? Also what PSU are you running?
    and do you have the +12v lead connected to the motherboard?

    Here are the specs of the AN7 machine I just built:
    AN7 rev1.0 (BIOS 14)
    T-Bred XP2400+ (AIUHB) @2.2GHz - 1.85vCore
    512MB (Single Stick) Crucial PC3200 (CT6464Z40B)
    Sapphire Radeon 9600XT (FireBlade Edition)
    Western Digital S.E 120GB SATA (7,200rpm - 8MB)
    LITE-ON 52x32x52 Burner
    LITE-ON 16x DVD
    ANTEC SX835 II
    ANTEC 350w Smart-Power (Dual Fan)
    4 x 80mm Case fans
    WinXP SP/1
    DX 9.0b
    nVidia Drivers (CD)
    Cat 3.10 (CD)

    Sorry In couldn't be more help!
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 27, 2004
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  3. K.Leth

    DaveL Guest

    The Nvidia 3.13 driver will work just fine in the AN7. It does not matter
    what audio output chip is on it. The 3.13 comes with drivers to support the
    APU hardware side.

    DaveL, Feb 27, 2004
  4. "DaveL"wrote

    are you sure about that? Did you try it yourself? because this information
    from the ABIT website seems to indicate otherwise?

    Q: Why does the audio driver fail to install after the Nvidia Version 3.13
    Unified Driver is installed?(AN7)

    A: The AN7 contains a Realtek ALC658 audio chip, but Nvidia Version 3.13
    Unified Driver only supports up to ALC655. Please use the official ABIT
    driver, which is available on ABIT web page or our bundled CD-Title.
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 27, 2004
  5. K.Leth

    Doughnut Guest

    The audo drivers in the Nvidia 3.13 dont work on my AN7, I had to install
    the ones from the cd.

    Doughnut, Feb 28, 2004
  6. K.Leth

    DaveL Guest

    I stand corrected. That's the first I've heard of it. It's too bad Abit
    had to break from the norm. Why didn't they just provide the additional
    driver necessary to load over the top of 3.13?

    DaveL, Feb 28, 2004

  7. Hi,
    I think nVidia will have it sorted (An7 wise) for the next *unified* driver
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 28, 2004
  8. K.Leth

    K.Leth Guest

    Whoa - Thanks for your answers.
    I'm using a Codegen 350W PSU and at first I had forgotten to apply the
    12V lead but I got that right before writing here (Needed to know I
    had done what I could before asking for help), but unfortunately that
    didn't help on performance when I connected it. The system runs stable
    for hours and hours . . . .

    Is there anyway I can test that the cpu gets enough voltage an/or that
    it isn't damaged ?? I'm looking into trying to over-volt the vcore a
    I had a plan to overclock the system but I'm not doing that before
    I've got it working properly.

    Memory manufacturer:
    Specs: Mkg (UK)/DDR 400 ANGL.pdf

    Maybe I should try to mount my girlfriends Duron 1300 and see if it's
    just as slow . . . . . But I've mounted and re-mounted the cpu so many
    times that I'm feeling I'm having it on borrowed time since I haven't
    cracked the core yet (Or maybe I have !!!).

    I think my plan of action will be, unless you with more experience
    than me, can recommend otherwise.

    0: Apply a cpu test, if one is available.
    1: Disable L2 cache (just thought of that one)
    2: Over-volt vcore.
    3: Try another type of ram (buy some PC2700 for the GF).
    4: Try GF' Duron 1300 or her old Duron 750.
    5: Buy a new CPU.
    6: Use desperate measures.

    Best regards

    K.Leth, Feb 29, 2004
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