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barton/a7n8x no 200Mhz fsb

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by OZoNE, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. OZoNE

    OZoNE Guest

    My friend just got all his parts on my recomendations.
    Using corsair ram pc3200 2x512m and a Barton 2500+.
    No matter what we have tried the system hangs when we set it to 200Mhz
    fsb...save bios.....restart system and it hangs.
    Power down-reboot sets it back to safe settings of 11x100Mhz....We have
    tried Vcore up to 1.750...didnt want to crank it to awful high to start
    ram timmings set at 7-3-3-2....should we maybe try 2.3 or 3 jsut to get it
    to go?
    Also the bios is 1005...Gonna try flashing to 1004Uber tonight.
    Im very puzzeled since my 2100+ is running 11x200 Right now at 1.750Vcore
    and my OCZ ram is at 7-2-2-2.
    TIA for any advice
    OZoNE, Oct 22, 2003
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  2. OZoNE

    Ben Pope Guest

    Why don't you try some values between 166 and 200? Find out where it stops
    to work.

    Have you tried 200*9?

    If that works, try 200*10 etc.

    Ben Pope, Oct 22, 2003
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  3. OZoNE

    Alex Hannig Guest

    Try different FSB-Values. My Barton 2500+ hangs at FSB 199 and 200... but
    works fine at 201 (!). = 2.15 GHz. It hangs at 182, but works fine at 181
    and 185. Maximum FSB I get to work is 215 (2.36 GHz !), but the system
    then is not very stable, crashes about 1 - 2 times per hour (bluescreens).

    Maximum FSB I get to work stable is 201 MHz = 2,22 GHz CPU. No crash in
    24 hours. Longer I havenĀ“t tested. Windows XP detects an Athlon 3200+ CPU !

    I tried FSB 218 (= 2.4 GHz) but the system did not boot, blackscreen at
    boot, no bios-setup possible, I had to do a bios-reset taking off the
    battery for 10 minutes. :-(

    MSI MS-6590 KT6 Delta FISR Board, FSB 100 - 400, Athlon Barton 2500+ AQXEA,
    VIA KT 600 chipset, 4-in-1 4.49 Hyperion, 2 x 256 MB Kingston PC3200
    DDR-RAM at 400 MHz CL 3.

    Vcore 1.650 V, but worked also at 1.575, 1.60, 1.675 (stable). Hanged at
    1.50 V -> no boot, blackscreen -> bios-reset / battery off necessary :-(
    Alex Hannig, Oct 22, 2003
  4. OZoNE

    OZoNE Guest

    Yea I had the raise FSB by 5 each time thought after i posted.....at 6:30 in
    the morning im a little cloudy :)
    Ill give all of em a shot
    Thanks all
    Ill post back with resaults
    OZoNE, Oct 22, 2003
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