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Barton XP 2500+ Week 35 Appears to be Locked--on a 266 MHz mobo

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Peter Harrington, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. I just picked up a Barton XP 2500+ W 35 from mediantech. I am running it
    on an Epox 8K5A Mobo, which only supports a 266 FSB. On friday I will swap
    it into an Epox nForce2 board (no model number given) with 400 MHz DDR.

    I can adjust the FSB on the 8K5A to 166 MHz, and I can alter the multiplier
    and have the system boot. The best I can do is 166x11 on this board.
    Although the bios shows a 13x multiplier setting, any setting larger fails
    to post and setting lower has no effect on the cpu frequency.

    Is the problem the Mobo or the CPU?

    I swapped out an XP 2000+ chip, and with the larger cache and faster bus
    speed, the system shows a 10% improvement in calculation speed.

    I was hoping for a 25% improvement before I started overclocking. The
    numbering system of these chips are a bit optimistic, but I will see what
    happens, when I put it into a decent Mobo.

    Peter Harrington, Jan 7, 2004
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