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Battery Meter keeps dropping to zero then back up, but the laptop keeps running fine. (HP Pavilion

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Steve Mading, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Steve Mading

    Steve Mading Guest

    I have a HP pavilion zd7000 laptop.

    The little battery meter sometimes shows the
    correct charge, but usually falsely reads zero.
    It says zero most of the time, but then
    occasionally jumps up to 100% or 90% or whatever
    the battery is currently at, then a minute or
    two later it's showing zero again.

    When this first started happeneing, it made the
    computer unusable because it would see the "fact"
    that the battery was dead, and panic itself into
    an immediate shutdown. I assumed there really was
    something wrong with the battery, like it wasn't
    holding a charge. I believed that it really was
    failing to get power to the computer, or had an
    intermittent connection that kept losing contact.

    But when I turned off all the OS's low-power-panic
    features, I found that it runs just fine on the
    battery, and there is plenty of charge there to run
    it a couple of hours- its just that the computer
    can't seem to measure it.

    Is this unique? Have other people had this problem?

    Oh, and another thing - when I have the AC plugged in,
    it DOES charge the battery, even when the meter says
    it's not having any effect. (I can tell because when
    it occasionally shows a nonzero number, the nonzero
    number it shows is a bit higher than it was the last
    time a nonzero number showed up, so I know it is

    Also, I can sometimes reliably get it to toggle between
    0 and 100 % based on how I tilt the computer.

    Clearly some connection is spotty, but which one? The
    connection that carries the power seems to work fine.

    I used to believe it was a software problem with my
    battery meter program (I usually run Linux, which at
    the time had poor support for APM and ACPI), but I
    get the exact same behavior from Windows XP, so now
    I think it's a hardware problem.
    Steve Mading, Sep 27, 2005
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  2. Steve Mading

    zwsdotcom Guest

    I have a HP pavilion zd7000 laptop.

    Oddly enough I had EXACTLY the same problem with a ZE4805WM laptop. I
    had really weird luck with eBay batteries for this machine. The factory
    battery was perfect. Battery #1 from eBay would usually give a charge
    error (flashing yellow LED) but if wiggled right would work perfectly
    until jolted, at which time it would go into error mode again (but
    would still power the machine). Battery #2 would give the symptom you

    In both cases the problem was dry solder joints on the I2C lines inside
    the battery. Although there is no guarantee the LOCATION of the problem
    is the same for you, the chances are >95% that the SOURCE of the
    problem is the same.

    It would be very instructive if you could isolate it to either the
    laptop or the battery by trying another battery.
    zwsdotcom, Sep 28, 2005
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