BE7 Boot problem.

Discussion in 'Abit' started by MaH, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. MaH

    MaH Guest

    It posts just OK (using DP bios).
    HD is identified correctly (Maxtor 6Y120P0).
    But most of the time Win XP (pro) just won't start booting, it just sits
    there with a blikning cursor.
    I've pulled everything but the HD to se if it's a PSU problem, but same
    The weird thing is that 1 in 20 times it boots just fine ! no errors or
    And no errors logged in the system log.

    Any ideas ?
    MaH, Aug 28, 2003
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  2. MaH

    MaH Guest

    It's an Antec 350watt.
    Yes, I'm down to either the PSU or the MB.
    MaH, Aug 28, 2003
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  3. MaH

    Temor Guest

    Have you tried disconnecting the fans that have tacho leads? I get a feeling
    it wont past POST with that problem thought, but just a thought.

    Temor, Aug 28, 2003
  4. MaH

    Leon Rowell Guest

    Don't disconnect the CPU fan just the tach lead from it.

    Leon Rowell
    Leon Rowell, Aug 28, 2003
  5. MaH

    Homie Guest

    A 350 watt supply is the bare minimum for a BE7 with 1 stick of memory and 1 hard
    drive. It's not so much the wattage but the bigger supplies usually have a better 12
    volt circuit and that's very important to the BD7 as is the 3.3 volt circuit. The 5
    volt rail is almost doing nothing on many of the new boards.
    Also, I am starting to see many ATX power supplies in the 1~3 year old range with the
    dreaded leaking capacitors, this diminishes the peak current capability of the supply
    (life or death during boot) and the end result is sometime she will boot and sometimes
    she won't. My own BD7 R starting doing the intermittent boot thing, first thing I did
    was scope the on-board regulators. Knowing that the BD7's uses very high quality caps
    through-out most of the board (there is still a few shitty caps in not too critical
    areas).....I didn't expect to see anything out of spec. However when watching the soft
    start waveform from the Atx to the board, I noticed a very brief sag & retry...this is
    a 450 watt supply with - custom by Homie- short/fat leads & independent feedback
    lines......It should sag at all, it's only a 2.4 & 512 memory with 3 hd's (my fan is
    A.C. so it don't count)
    I opened up the 1 year old supply and there they were, those baby shit green puke
    splattered/ Linda Blair bitch head spinnin devil worshipping Taiwan piles of shit
    ....leaning over like they just ate some raw fish with tape worms........fu#k !....
    It now sports a fresh set of Nichicon /"UPW" series (those are real "babe magnets"
    let me tell ya!) and hasn't failed to boot since the decapitation was complete.
    Mainboards, Videocards & CPU pin repair.

    Have you tried disconnecting the fans that have tacho leads? I get a feeling
    it wont past POST with that problem thought, but just a thought.

    Homie, Aug 29, 2003
  6. MaH

    MaH Guest

    Well, i use a 235W PSU on a file/game server (100% CPU usage for about a
    It has a BD7-2 with an 1.6A o'c to 2.13, 1*512+2*256 mb mem, and a total of
    8 7200 rpm HD's (roughly 1 tb).
    If the PSU has the amps on the right rails it will work.

    (Weird that PSU makers hasnt started making AMD or P4 adapted PSU's.
    As we all know an AMD uses the 5v rail and a P4 the 12v.
    So if you need a PSU that can handle both AMD & P4 you'll get one of them
    ultra expensive (and hot) 600watt monsters and chances are that you won't be
    using half of all that power)

    But that still doesn't rule out that it can be a faulty PSU.
    I'm still puzzled, i just installed XP on another HD, and all seemed fine
    throughout the process.
    After all patches and tweaks installed I was sure that the problem was
    Then i removed the powercord and went for lunch, and guess what........same
    thing happens again =(.
    Well atleast that means the HD is fine. =/
    MaH, Aug 30, 2003
  7. Used to - most NForce2 motherboards, Abit NF7 included, use the extra ATX12V
    connector and supply the CPU regulator from the 12V rail...

    Nick M V Salmon, Aug 30, 2003
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