Discussion in 'Asus' started by Apoc, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Apoc

    Apoc Guest

    Have a couple question for you guys.
    I have the p4pe motherboard and I was wondering about the ez plug1 on
    the board. Does a power connector need to be connected to the ez plug
    along with the atx power connection. I have 350watt power supply
    along with a p4 3.06 cpu and 1gig of ram.

    My other question or problem is that my comp is making beeping sounds
    when I make the cpu work hard example playing games. I have the
    latest 1006 bios update, it's not overclocked, I monitor asus probe
    and don't see anything out of the threshholds. like I said I have the
    p4pe board, p4 3.06, 1gig of ram, geforce Ti4200 and it's not
    overclocked, 120gig hard drive. The only other strange thing is when
    I boot up everyother day I get a message at boot up saying there is a
    monitoring problem and something to the effect of going into the bios
    and taking a look at the monitoring problem but I don't see anything.
    Has this happened to any of you guys out there I would appreciate your
    Apoc, Oct 25, 2003
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  2. Apoc

    Paul Guest

    Each pin on the 20 pin ATX connector is rated for a maximum of 6 amps.
    Carrying more than that causes the pin to heat up and possibly

    Your processor draws somewhere around 8 amps times the inefficiency of
    the Vcore conversion circuit (1.25). To carry this 10 amps of current
    needs more than the one 12V pin on the 20 pin ATX connector.
    There is one pin on the Asus Ezplug, and that extra pin is enough to
    handle the excess of current. Similarly, the 2x2 plug has two 12V pins
    and is a better way to carry the excess current. You can even have
    both the 2x2 connector and the Ezplug connected at the same time,
    if you want. Without them connected, there is only the one pin on
    the 20 pin connector to carry the current.

    As for the beeping sounds, it could be that the load on the +12V is
    too much for your power supply. What you can try is enabling
    logging of the readings coming from the monitor chip, using either
    MBM or Asus Probe (MBM can record every 10 seconds if you want).
    For example, with MBM running in the background, you can play a 3D
    game, wait for beeping from the motherboard, play for an extra minute
    or so, then exit and examine the log file from MBM, to see which
    voltage or fan speed is out of spec. If one of the power supply
    rails is dropping more than 5% or so, you might consider getting a
    better supply, or at least a supply that has more current output on
    the weak supply rail.

    Paul, Oct 26, 2003
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  3. You don't need to connect both the EZ plug and the ATX12V connector.
    They both do the same thing, connecting both would just add more wires
    between the same two points (no harm in that, but it's not necessary).

    The beeping sound is probably because either a voltage or a temperature
    is out-of-spec. A monitoring tool (Probe) should show you what the
    culprit is. This could be an improperly mounted or cooled CPU or a
    power supply that is either inadequate or failing, among other
    Barry Watzman, Oct 27, 2003
  4. Apoc

    Apoc Guest

    Thanks guys
    I found out through monitoring asus probe while running sisoftware
    sandra 2003 that the +3.3v reading fell outside the threshold during
    the benchmark testing. It usually cruises around 2.99-3.0v so I figure
    and during the test it went beyond that. I need a bigger power
    supply. The one I have is 350w and is new including the rest of the
    Apoc, Oct 27, 2003
  5. I totally agree that the problem is your power supply, but the issue is
    probably not so much it's size as the fact that it's just defective.
    There is no way that the 3.3 volt line should be as low as 3.0 volts.
    I've seen a rash of power supply failures lately, some due to bad caps.
    We also had a supply in which the fan apparently failed, and then the
    supply burned itself up.
    Barry Watzman, Oct 27, 2003
  6. Apoc

    Spacebug Guest

    It's better to use the atx12v connector. it gives a better stable 12
    volt power.
    Spacebug, Oct 27, 2003
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