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Discussion in 'MSI' started by MSI Motherboard will not POST, gives beeps, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. I recently purchased an MSI board after all the great reviews but I
    can't get video or the system to POST. I've checked the beep codes and
    it is "telling" me that the video output isn't initializing. So, what
    can I do ? It's an onboard graphics motherboard and either gives 3
    long beeps (RAM issue) or one long and two short (Video initializing
    error). What can I do to correct this ? It has an i5 560 and Corsair
    memory, both of which are supposed to be compatible with the
    motherboard. It's getting enough power (575W power supply). Please
    help! On a side note, when I unplug the 4 prong "extra power
    connector" I get video, but the machine just turns on and off
    repeatedly. It kicks on for about .25 of a second, then off
    again...... dunno, maybe something with the way it's configured. If
    anyone has suggestions I'm all ears.
    MSI Motherboard will not POST, gives beeps, Nov 27, 2010
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  2. MSI Motherboard will not POST, gives beeps

    Paul Guest

    The three beeps is a good sign. It means, your processor must have
    been getting power. To make the beep noise, the processor has to
    be able to read some BIOS code. No beeps would be worse.

    The 2x2 square connector that you connect to the motherboard, should
    have two yellow and two black wires. It powers the processor, and
    once it was plugged in, you got some beep codes.

    Try testing RAM, one stick at a time.

    Try the RAM in all the slots (one slot at a time).

    It could be, the RAM wasn't full seated. Or the RAM is
    the wrong kind, or installed backwards. Verify the RAM
    part number, is appropriate for the motherboard model number.

    And your processor was probably an i5-650, because I can
    find that one on .

    Paul, Nov 28, 2010
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