Beige G3, Logitech Mouse; Mouse sometimes stops moving, everything else still works.

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Bob Blaylock, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. Bob Blaylock

    Bob Blaylock Guest

    I am running a beige G3, with MacOS X 10.2.8. I use a Logitech
    optical wheel mouse interfaced via a third-party USB interface board.
    The latest version (at least as of a few months ago) of Logitech's own
    software for this mouse is intalled.

    Once in a great while, I get a very unusual failure. The mouse
    pointer just freezes where it is. The mouse lights up, as usual, when I
    move it, but the pointer doesn't move. Everything else is still alive.
    I can Cmd-Tab through whatever tasks I have running, and I can still do
    anything that can be done from the keyboard, without needing to move the
    mouse. If the pointer happens to be stuck over something that would
    respond to clicking, then clicking will produce the expected response

    I was wondering if there's some specific process related to the mouse
    pointer, that I could identify from doing a ps in a Terminal window, or
    telnetted in from my wife's PC; which I could then kill and restart from
    a command line, in order to restore proper mouse function. As it is,
    the best I know to do is invoke the "reboot" command from a command
    line, or else hit the power key and then hit "R" to tell it to reboot
    that way. When it reboots, of course, all is well again; but it seems
    that as long as I can get to a Unix command line, I ought to be able to
    correct this failure without having to reboot.

    Any ideas?

    One other thing: On a few occasions (yes, I know this is risky, that
    ADB isn't meant to be plugged in "hot"), I have plugged in my old ADB
    mouse when I have been in this state and tried using it. I know from
    past experience that if all is otherwise well, I can plug in my ADB
    mouse, and it will work just fine, as will my Logitech mouse. However,
    if my point is "stuck", as I have described, then the ADB mouse won't
    move it either.

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    Bob Blaylock, Mar 6, 2004
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  2. Bob Blaylock

    Greg Buchner Guest

    I think it's a strange interaction between OS X and third party USB
    mice...I also have a problem, but mine is with a Kensington USB mouse on
    my beige G3. I end up having times where the mouse button response goes
    nuts. I can hold the button down and it acts like I'm doing very rapid
    double-clicks and such. I use my always attached ADB mouse, click once
    and the Kensington then starts responding normally. It's not something
    I can ever duplicate so I figure I have to live with it until I can get
    a better desktop Mac. The exact same mouse/driver works just fine all
    the time on my Powerbook G3/500.

    Greg B.
    Greg Buchner, Mar 6, 2004
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