Best 3d graphic card for Ax6bc

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by Boss©, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Boss©

    Boss© Guest

    Hello to everybody, and sorry for very bad english!
    Which is the last 3d video card that i can use with an ax6bc (agp 1x
    and 2x)?

    Ati radeon 9200?
    And Nvidia? Geforce 4 Ti4200/4400/4600?
    GeForce FX?

    Or where can i fidn some information?

    Thank in advance, bye.
    Boss©, Feb 10, 2004
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  2. Boss©

    Wesley Guest

    ASUS ATI 9600 XT can agp 2x according to ASUS website but other person told
    me not too sure if it will work.
    Wesley, Feb 11, 2004
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  3. Boss©

    Wesley Guest

    I still got 3 AX6BC myself all are rocks!!! Despite agp 2x limited and
    Recently I bought new mobo gigabytes PC P4 3.0 with agp 8x / ATA 100 so
    much better. I think it time to move on.
    Wesley, Feb 11, 2004
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