Best card for Biostar iDEQ 210V?

Discussion in 'Biostar' started by Nostrobino, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Nostrobino

    Nostrobino Guest

    I'm putting together a Biostar iDEQ 210V small form factor machine. This
    will have a Sempron 2300+ and one 512MB stick of PC3200, and will be running
    WinXP Home Ed. SP2. I want a card that will take advantage of the 8x AGP but
    not one that gobbles a lot of power, as this box only has a 200W power

    I thought I'd get one without the extra-input Molex connector since that
    seems to imply heavy power usage. So I bought an Apollo GeForce FX 5500, 256
    MB and 128-bit memory interface. But the specs for this card call for a
    minimum 250W power supply and 300W recommended. I'm wondering how seriously
    to take that, as it seems to me I've read of other users installing more
    potent cards in these SFF boxes without problems. Any comment on this?

    I'll try the FX 5500 in another system first anyway, then see how it goes in
    the iDEQ. If it does seem to need more than the 200W PSU can put out, what
    are my best choices? I tend to favor Nvidia-based cards but would not rule
    out ATI if they have something more suitable to this particular situation
    (which is why I'm cross-posting).

    Nostrobino, Sep 22, 2005
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  2. Nostrobino

    HullBoys Guest

    i was running an ATI 9600XT 128MB card and then changed to a 9700pro 128MB
    and both ran flawlessly in that system. The psu`s for SFF systems usually
    produce alot of amps so power usage isn`t too much of a problem. A friend of
    mine has an Geforece6800 in his shuttle system. runs perfectly.
    HullBoys, Sep 22, 2005
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  3. Nostrobino

    Nostrobino Guest

    Thanks very much for the info. Makes me more comfortable about the whole
    thing. :)

    Nostrobino, Sep 23, 2005
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