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Best computer for in bed ?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    There is always a chance that one might become sick or hurt or something and
    needs to stay in bed for a while.

    Taking a desktop PC into bed doesn't really sound like a good plan, it's too
    big ! :)

    Thus I am wondering what other kind of PC would be best for in bed ?

    So far I am thinking maybe Microsoft's Surface/Tablet is a good candidate...

    It's not out yet, and the metro interface needs to get used to... but at
    least it's a modern piece of equipment which should be sufficient for a

    The attachable cover/keyboard seems a bit big though... so perhaps without
    it and using on screen keyboard it’s still usuable.

    I would need to lay on my side to avoid pain ;) :) thus my head would be
    tilted 90 degrees because of laying down.

    I am a bit hesitent/relunctant to bring a PC into bed, because it screws
    with my brain, it associates thinking/computering with bed.

    I would like to keep my bed a place for rest and piece and quietness. Also
    using the brain requires a lot of energy/power which might prevent healing
    of the body.

    Also to much movement could also be bad for the healing process.

    On the other hand... getting out of bed to sit behind the desktop PC might
    be bad as well, maybe even much worse.

    Then again computering in bed could effect sleep. If that happens dizzyness
    could be a result of sleep-deprevation and even knocksouts so that's very
    dangerous as well.

    So far there seem to be two surface computers, one with an arm chip (windows
    rt) which doesn't need venting (?) and one with an intel chip which does
    need venting (a sleeve) (windows 8 pro).

    I am a bit worried that the intel version would get clodded up with dust and
    hair and other bed particles... however the intel version is a bit more

    The double wi-fi antennes that both models have also worry me a bit, since
    they would be near my head a lot... or near my body...

    I am hoping to get better soon, that would be for the best.

    However I do feel a bit sorry for people who have to stay in bed a lot which
    can't move a lot... for them... a desktop pc is not really an option.

    Thus maybe a surface might be an option, or maybe some kind of glasses, that
    can be worn, and then eye moves or eye blinks could be used to navigate and
    click and stuff.

    Wearing glasses in bed isn't too comfortable but it's better then a surface
    I think, since that still requires too much mussle power and odd positions
    of arms and hands etc...

    I think my conclusion is simple:

    For people in bed a different kind of computer is required.

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 21, 2012
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  2. Skybuck Flying

    Michael Guest

    Smartphone with Android OS?
    Michael, Jun 21, 2012
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  3. Skybuck Flying

    Flasherly Guest

    One made just like Mom?
    Flasherly, Jun 21, 2012
  4. Skybuck Flying

    John Larkin Guest

    iPads are nice. They play a great Angry Birds.
    John Larkin, Jun 21, 2012
  5. Vous le vous couche avec le computer ce soi?
    Tom Del Rosso, Jun 21, 2012
  6. You need one of the new sex cyborgs.
    Jan Panteltje, Jun 21, 2012
  7. Skybuck Flying

    P E Schoen Guest

    "Skybuck Flying" wrote in message
    What about using a projector for the video output. You could project the
    screen image on any wall, or the ceiling, depending on what is most comfy.
    Use a wireless keyboard and/or mouse. I think there is something that can be
    used with one hand, or even with head, eye, and mouth movements, or voice
    recognition, for various physical disabilities.
    Hope you get better soon. I may be having hip, knee, and back operations in
    the near future, and a compatible computer will be a high priority. I have
    an Archos 7 Internet tablet that is a nice size and is OK for many things,
    but probably not serious applications for my work as an electronics design
    engineer. I like the games, but I'm happy with solitaire, finger pool,
    finger bowling, tetris, and such. I'm not into high-end gaming like you :)

    Paul and Muttley
    P E Schoen, Jun 21, 2012
  8. Skybuck Flying

    J. Vink Guest

    Dont feed the troll
    J. Vink, Jun 21, 2012
  9. Skybuck Flying

    Guest Guest

    How about a telegraph key for one-handed operation?
    Guest, Jun 21, 2012
  10. Skybuck Flying

    The Seabat Guest

    The Seabat, Jun 21, 2012
  11. "
    Smartphone with Android OS?

    I would like to be able to program on the device/pc for in bed...

    A mobile phone seems a bit small to me for that ?

    I might also buy a mobile phone... probably also with windows 8... but I
    don't use it much so it must not be linked to a monthly payment... just some
    calling credits should be fine.

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 21, 2012
  12. "
    iPads are nice. They play a great Angry Birds.

    I don't like iPads, I saw iPad 2 in shop, this is what I didn't like:

    1. The hardware button at bottom. It seems to make no sense to me, since
    it's a touchpad ?!? So why still put an ugly clumsy button on it ?! ;)

    2. As a windows user I am used to 'x' in the top right corner to close

    3. I don't like how the software windows seems to "detach" and
    "scroll-beyond" the screen and then scroll back.

    4. I don't like the company behind it. Big evil apple ;) :)

    5. I don't want to be considered an apple geek or follower or fanboy or
    sheep or whatever lol. ;) :)

    6. John Carmack broke an iPad when it fell from his car's behind/storage
    area the glass broke ! ;) :) enough said ! LOL.

    7. I don't have an apple to sync up or update it or rescue it though later
    models don't require apple pc anymore, but still bit weird.

    8. iPad was said to have slow keyboard typing, the surface of microsoft is
    said to be even faster than a normal keyboard, that sounds very interesting
    to me, maybe I can type faster on a surface then on a keyboard ;)

    9. I don't want to struggle through an iStore with 100.000 of tiny little
    crappy apps, like farts, and shit. I want to use it for something a bit more
    serious, like a pc ;) :)

    I could go on, but this is probably already enough to turn me away from
    Skybuck Flying, Jun 22, 2012
  13. "P E Schoen" wrote in message
    "Skybuck Flying" wrote in message
    What about using a projector for the video output. You could project the
    screen image on any wall, or the ceiling, depending on what is most comfy.
    Use a wireless keyboard and/or mouse. I think there is something that can be
    used with one hand, or even with head, eye, and mouth movements, or voice
    recognition, for various physical disabilities.

    1. Projector

    I kinda like this idea of using a projector, to project something onto my
    white walls.

    I do wonder what the quality of it would be. I hope it won't be too vague or
    to bobly/wobly.

    I was wondering about maybe attaching a tablet to a wall. But that seems a
    bit clumsy and limited to just one position.

    Maybe with a projector it could turn with me depending on what side I lay.

    If it was a projector which could turn that would be cool/awesome I think...

    Though then again I wonder about the angle it needs to project...

    Since the walls and ceiling "walk away" from me, so there is some
    perspective issue there.

    Maybe the projector could compensate for that and project the far away
    visualizations in such a way that the scale up, to give an impression
    of a virtual screen with all visuals equal in size. I do think this would
    upset the brain a little bit and make it dizzy but that probably needs to
    getting used to.. or maybe not...
    I guess it probably feels like staring at the blue sky... after a while you
    loose a sense of direction ;) :)

    2. Wraps around fingers or keyboard in the air.

    I also like the idea of some kind of "virtual keyboard" or maybe some kind
    of "kinect" device... or some kind of reader which simply reads my finger
    positions and uses it to generate key presses.

    Maybe putting straps around my fingers, or maybe simply putting on some
    thing glove which registrates my finger movements could also be nice... it
    should have some sweat/air-gaps here and there though
    so my hands don't get all wet and steamy and sweaty ;) :)

    This way I don't have to have an extra clunky keyboard on the bed which
    would take up space, and might break or fall down, or put extra weight on me
    which could hurt or be inconvenient... and also prevents
    me from having to hold it up, or move my body/arms/hands into strange

    So some kind of keyboard which simply fits around my hands, or reads me from
    the "sky/air" would be nice/great.

    It also perhaps also sense my slight arm movements as a replacement for
    mouse movement functionality.
    Hope you get better soon. I may be having hip, knee, and back operations in
    the near future, and a compatible computer will be a high priority. I have
    an Archos 7 Internet tablet that is a nice size and is OK for many things,
    but probably not serious applications for my work as an electronics design
    engineer. I like the games, but I'm happy with solitaire, finger pool,
    finger bowling, tetris, and such. I'm not into high-end gaming like you :)

    I would like to use it for programming at the very least, I miss it the most
    ;) :)

    Without a nice computer in bed, my nice algorithm and application ideas and
    such will just stay in my head forever, wondering what could have been...
    that kind sux...

    I want certain things to be completed at the very least ! LOL ;)

    Fortunately for me I seem to be getting better. I have 80% chance of
    recovering/healing without requiring an operation. It will take about 60
    days to know for sure.

    I am feeling much better as I type this and from today I think I can sit
    much longer behind my desktop PC then I could in the last previous 30 days
    or so. The last 30 days I could only sit 30 minutes behind PC before pain
    became to great. I spent most time behind PC googling for medical stuff...
    so not much time for anything else. I am glad my PC was working so I could
    look into things... that eased my mind a little bit... I also got a little
    worry/scare here and there... but that was a bit exagerated by people trying
    to scare for MRI scans and stuff like that :) though they did have some
    valid points with the metal stuff ;) :) Noise was much less then I expected,
    thank god for that, ear plugs in and headphone and I was good to go... it
    was a bit hot/steamy in there but I could take it... eyes closed and
    counting down ;) :) For anybody wanting to go into MRI and play music my
    advice would be: take some relaxing music with you into the MRI scan... like
    beach music, or vacation music... think of nice things if you want like
    beach or waterfall and have a nice sleep inside it ;) :) or just do as I did
    count down the time it takes for the scan to complete ;)
    (I created a rock/techno music cd but they didn’t have a cd player, in hind
    sight I am glad they didn't, that music would have may it unbearable/nervous
    I think... so I got lucky ;) :))

    Hmm.. I would not be happy with boring little games like that but ok... if
    one had to be in bed for a long time then I guess anything will put a smile
    to the face eventually ;) :)

    Thanks for your posting, you have given me some extra/more to consider ! ;)

    Let's go on about the projector thing a bit more.

    I also kinda like the idea of wireless communication with the desktop PC or
    whatever powers it... this way the noise can be kept in another room, and it
    could still be a powerfull PC.

    However I do like keeping on eye on my equipment when I use/run it... just
    to see what it is doing, like harddrive activity perhaps, and also being
    sure the house/apperement is not burning down ;) :)

    So this seem a nice idea for a "quiet pc" for bed room. I am also a tiny
    little bit worried about electricity, and body fluids and sweat and ground
    wire that might be missing... then again in my living room, where there is
    also no ground wire, so far everything went ok.

    One possibility is heat generated by projector or pc, that could be
    troublesome in summer time, otherwise it could be vented out by a small
    window being open in bedroom.

    Projectors sound like the use light... and light generates a lot of heat..
    so I am getting second thoughts about the whole projector idea... maybe it
    is "too hot" ?! ;|

    Hanging something on the ceiling is also not a good idea in case it falls
    down, or earthquake or something like that ;) Reminds me of hotels with big
    mirrors above bed ! ;) :)

    Perhaps some comfortable glasses with a tiny little projector inside it is
    best from a power usage perspective.

    Something just popped into my mind:

    3. "Google glasses".

    I think google is working on some kind of "augmented reality" glasses.

    Perhaps those could be used and attached to a PC or so...

    Pretty cool/interesting idea ;)

    Those gloves probably also already exist somewhere... hmmm...

    Reminds me of nintendo gun... it could shoot ducks ;) :)... would be funny
    if ducks can be shot with google glasses ;)

    Maybe the glasses can contain a little camera which can register the finger
    movements and use it as input...

    Then all the user has to do is type into the air.

    This still requires some energy to lift the arms and fingers... especially
    the arms will be heavy/power eating...

    User would need to look down onto stomach where fingers/arms would be...
    this would hurt user's neck...

    Glove seems better option but requires more hardware.

    User could start with google glasses and move onto glove later on for more
    comfort if user likes glasses.

    But best would be an all-in-one package to be done in one go ;) :)

    Otherwise user might not want to go through hassle of ordering a second item
    later on ;)

    It would be cool if little computer in glasses but probably too little
    space, and glasses could go kaputt.

    Probably saver to store in a little silent low power low heat PC and use
    maybe wireless signal or even wire signal to PC.

    To safeguard data in PC, wire to google glasses should pop out when user
    walks away or whatever to prevent pulling on PC and damaging cables/plugs.

    Google glasses should be flexible and bend with head and give way when head
    lays on pillow.

    I like this idea a lot... I think I will investigate it a bit more to see
    what can be done with todays technology.

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 22, 2012
  14. This company is into "projectors in glasses":


    They claim it's also used by pilots in fighter jets ;) :)

    This seems a more general approach then "google glasses" which is more about
    specific things.

    I like this general approach a bit better. It would allow any kind of
    computer to be used with it.

    Technology seems to be still under development and at low resolution
    800x600, so that's a bit of a bummer it seems. I am not sure how good it
    would look.

    But could be a nice resolution for starters, back to 1996 resolution or so !
    ;) :)

    For now it seems better something than nothing at all ! ;) :)

    I hope this company would team up with maybe philips electronics. I think
    they have some bendable led/display technology which could be used for

    I probably wouldn't care so much for "see through" effect, as long as I can
    see the gui I would be happy ! ;)

    I also saw some virtual reality headsets/glasses, but they seemed a bit
    clunky and are out of sale ? They had same resolution 800x600.

    Maybe one of those would be better because of no see through, but it would
    need to be scaled down a bit and made more flexible.

    Maybe the coming years will be the end of the mobile phone, maybe even the
    end of the tablet and the uprising of the "smart glasses" ;) :) (computer in

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 22, 2012
  15. Skybuck Flying

    P E Schoen Guest

    "J. Vink" wrote in message
    In this case his questions and proposals were actually interesting and
    reasonable. I believe in looking at things on a case-by-case basis. And if
    nothing else, Skybuck's more outrageous posts were at least amusing, and not
    abusive as some tend to be. I'd rather scan through a few crazy comments by
    Skybuck than trying to filter through some of the childish verbal ping-pong
    matches that some have become, which is especially annoying when there is
    some useful content in the thread.

    P E Schoen, Jun 22, 2012
  16. Skybuck Flying

    John Larkin Guest

    As far as I can tell, you don't really close stuff on an iPad.

    Their stuff is awfully good. I don't like their concept of hiding
    everything (programs, files, folders) but some people do. One of the
    reasons I buy Apple stuff for my wife is so that I don't have to, and
    can't, maintain it for her.

    She's never cared for cars or computers. I bought her a Honda Fit and
    an iPad, and she loves them both. Neither requires any maintenance on
    my part.
    John Larkin, Jun 22, 2012
  17. THESE RETARDED posts are WORSE than the alleged "troll posts".

    You fucking types of retards are the worse thing that ever happened to
    Usenet, and you fucktards waste far more bandwidth than any troll or
    troll responder ever could or ever did.
    Chieftain of the Carpet Crawlers, Jun 22, 2012
  18. You're a goddamned retard and this PROVES it further than your past
    behavior ever did.

    The hardware button HAS to be there, IDIOT. If it were awakened by
    simple screen touch, then it would never sleep in any place you put it
    other than on a stand or its back. You get it, BOY?

    It isn't about where they put the switch. The fact is they HAD to put
    one, and YOU are too fucking dumb to understand the simple reason why.
    Get a fucking clue.

    The button wakes it up, and from then on, it is touch. The only other
    exception is the volume ctrl.

    Wake the **** up, dork! Idiots like you with ZERO common sense have no
    place at the controls of ANY computer device.
    Chieftain of the Carpet Crawlers, Jun 22, 2012
  19. You are a child by any fucking measure.

    It takes all of about ten seconds to figure out what happens, and why,
    and work WITH it, not against it.

    But if you are as stupid as the LarkinTard, you can google for the
    discussion ANYONE with even half a clue would just KNOW is already taking
    or taken place.

    It is called "Page Bounce", and it is just fine once you put even the
    smallest thought to it.

    I guess you can't qualify or compete for space in THAT conference room!
    (smallest thought) HA!
    Chieftain of the Carpet Crawlers, Jun 22, 2012
  20. Skybuck Flying

    Robert Miles Guest

    On 6/20/2012 6:13 PM, Skybuck Flying wrote:
    When I tried using a laptop in bed, I found another issue
    to consider: Such a computer can get hot enough you will
    no longer want it on your lap. Since this laptop had its
    air intake for cooling on the bottom, placing padding
    underneath would be likely to overheat it.

    On another subject: The newsgroups server I use does not
    allow posts that are crossposted to five or more

    Most of the posts I've seen crossposted to exactly five
    newsgroups are either from kooks, or are replies to
    those kooks.

    Robert Miles
    Robert Miles, Jun 22, 2012
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