Best CPU/RAM upgrade for Asus P4B266 ?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by mazatal, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. mazatal


    Aug 29, 2007
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    Son gave me his P4B266 Rev 2.01 w/BIOS Rev 1007, 2.0 Ghz P4 CPU Rev 1E, two sticks of 512K 200MHz MT16VDDT6464AG-40BGB-ND non-ECC unbuffered RAM, All In Wonder 9800 Pro AGP.

    I will use the machine for light PhotoshopCS3/Lightroom RAW photo processing and general home/internet/WOW (now that AC is dead) use. Wiped & reloaded the machine with XP & it took 30 seconds to open/process a 10Mb RAW photo in Lightroom before any other funky processing last night.

    Never overclocked anything without 4 wheels before. Can I buy a better processor and/or RAM to boost performance? Or is it time to byte the big one and go Core Duo/Quad, new drives, video, memory, et al?

    Thx, Old Dad
    mazatal, Aug 29, 2007
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