best graphics card for 6BA +IV

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Russell, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Russell

    Russell Guest

    ok, as the subject really.

    Specs are

    Celeron 466 overclocked to 500 something! ;p
    Soyo 6BA+IV - BX chipset I believe, I think it supports 1x/2x agp so needs
    to be a card like that. Was thinking Geforce3 Ti500 as these can be picked
    up for a couple a quid, will that work?

    Also can anyone explain the voltage problem as i understand that the mobo
    wither supplies too little or too much can't remember which.

    I know the systems really old, but I just want to play original half life
    and CS/TFC reasonably well. I will eventually upgrade at somepoint, maybe
    even to a P3 :p


    Russell, Apr 7, 2005
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