best price on sn85g4v2 + amd64 3000?

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by jason, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. jason

    jason Guest

    I'm looking for a 85g4v2 system, minus the OS, with 1 gig of memory, a
    basic video card (dvi), 120gig HD & no dvd / cd-rom.
    I've seen Axion & Ajump. Both around $1000...
    Anyone have any ideas places with the best price(s)?

    Also, i've heard that people get their system, & have prob's with the
    video cards & their fans. I was looking at the Radeon 9600 & the
    GeForce FX 5200 (both via Asus) and was wondering which is quieter :)
    jason shohet
    jason, Jun 15, 2004
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